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Drew Hill Celebrity Artist (June) All The Details Inside

Drew Hill Celebrity Artist (June) All The Details Inside >> Who is this personality? A footballer or an artist? Please read here.

Have you ever got confused over who Drew Hill is – a footballer or an artist? Please read below to get out of this confusion.

This post is basically about Drew hill celebrity artist, and will surely let you know about the same and clear you out who Drew Hill is. Well, across the United States, citizens might want to know about the artist Drew Hill and his achievements.

So, scroll down and gather all the details.

About Drew Hill Artist

Drew Hill was a famous artist who held his position in Infinity studio residence as an artist. He used to work along with Susan, the founder of infinity studio, on various multiple works. One of them was Jimi Hendrix blue series till November 2009 mid.

Drew hill celebrity artist for thirty-five years, has been immortalizing heroes of him in the canvas. It included musicians, namely Dizzy Gillespie, Barbra Streisand, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Miles Davis.

Some of his sports heroes were Serena Williams, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, and Jim Brown. Drew Hill was a very gifted artist who never had any training. It’s claimed that one of his paintings is owned by Supreme Court Justice Marshall.

Related Information Regarding Him and His Paintings

Drew Hill was a passionate painter and had shown many of his amazing paintings. His works collaborated with Susan in infinity studio, and now his works are available in giclee prints and book form.

Drew hill celebrity artist Recent Update

Recently the project management team on Facebook has circulated the artist’s video trying to help him regain his position. In the video, the artist stated that he wants to visit the museum one day and see one of his paintings hanging on the wall there.

He states that he’s lost his studio due to a fire in Santa Monica. So, the video went viral after people recognized him as a great artist who use to work in Infinity studio and had met many celebrities.

Is Drew Hill Celebrity A Footballer Too?

Many years ago, as per the sources and one article that came up in which it stated that one of the men named Drew Hill faked himself with the footballer named Andrew Hill and claimed himself a footballer in NLF draft 1979. 

Drew hill celebrity artist, tried to take over the name of famous footballer Drew hill, but while he was in jail in his last interview, he revealed that he is not a footballer.

Though his name and date of birth are similar to the footballer, he is only an artist who works at Infinity studio. Watch his recent video that went viral


In the end, now everyone must be clear that who Drew Hill is. Well, in short, a footballer and an artist have the same name.

While many years ago, Drew hill celebrity artist, claimed himself as a footballer, but in the end, he admitted the truth he is not the Drew Hill footballer but an artist who used to work in Infinity studio.

Have you ever come across Drew hills painting? Please comment down.

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