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Dunk High Light Chocolate Review {Aug} Is Worth & Safe?

Dunk High Light Chocolate Review {Aug} Is Worth & Safe? >> Read about Nike’s newest Sneakers launch and specifications, and decide for yourself before buying.

Are you a sneaker-head? Do you love unique sneakers and collect them? Do you love to show your sneakers collection to people? Are you a Nike lover and love their unique styles of sneakers? Then you will surely love the new Dunk High Sneaker.

The new Nike Dunk High sneaker is set to release worldwide and has already created a huge uproar due to its unique color combination. Read along with this Dunk High Light Chocolate Review as we give you a 360-degree review about Nike’s latest launch.

About the Product:

Nike’s Dunk collection is not a new hype of the year; the hype for Dunk sneakers took to the streets almost 35 years ago. Nike first created the Dunk series sneakers for the hoopman or the Basketball players, but it soon gained popularity and has never looked back. Nike has always been very creative about the Dunk High Sneakers, often releasing unique styles and designs in the past. This time too, Nike has been groovy with the materials and the dual-tone color schemes. Read along with the Dunk High Light Chocolate Review for more details.

What is the new Dunk High Sneaker?

Nike’s new Dunk High Sneaker has been in the news for quite a long time now after Nike teased the product last year. The new Nike Dunk High Sneaker is made with Suede and leather in patterns for the first time, and also, a dual color tone has been used. The sneakers have a color scheme of Sail, Khaki, and Light Chocolate in various areas. The Sneaker has a complete high-quality rubber for that firm grip and also the Heel hoops in a different color.

Dunk High Light Chocolate Review– The Uniqueness:

The new Dunk High Sneakers by Nike is currently the dream purchase for all the sneakerheads worldwide, and the main reasons for that are the new color scheme and the materials used. The colors sail, khaki, and light chocolate have been used in intervals throughout the Sneaker, with the rubber sole majorly posing the light chocolate color in the majority. The colors give a unique blend of modern design with a retro look, especially for the autumn fall, to style with any light-colored trousers. The heel hoops, however, come in a completely different and contrasting color which majorly is Green. The Dunk High Light Chocolate Review also reveals that the Sneaker has been constructed for comfort and durability by using the Suede and Leather materials to make it and design it.

Specifications of the product:

  • Brand: The New Sneaker is from the house of NIKE.
  • Style: The Style is of a sneaker with style code DH5348-100
  • Materials Used: A unique blend of Suede and Leather inter-stitched with each other for comfort and style, and durability. 
  • Colors: Sail/ Sail-Khaki-Light Chocolate.
  • Price Tag: This pair of sneakers comes costly with a price tag of US$110
  • Design: Dunk High Sneakers

For a more precise understanding of the new Dunk High Light Chocolate Review, let us look into some of the Pros and Cons of the Product.


  • The sneakers are trendy and known for comfort even while wearing them for a long time.
  • The new color scheme of the sneakers gives is a head turn.
  • The use of two different suede and leather inter-stitched with each other makes the sneakers durable and stylish.
  • The complete rubber soles add up to the extra grip, reduce the risk of slips, and give more comfort to the feet.


  • The Price is very high compared to other sneakers of the same design.
  • Dunk High Light Chocolate Review reveals that the sneakers will be available for a limited time for now; thus, not everybody can have a chance to grab a pair.
  • The colors used can look good only when taken care of, or else the sneakers have a high chance of getting dirty, thus adding up to the cost of maintenance.

Since the new sneakers of Nike is yet to reach the retail stores, the buyers need to be aware and keep an eye on pirated copies and know the legitimacy of the product.

Final Verdict:

Therefore, our final verdict of the Dunk High Light Chocolate Review is that Customers can buy the product if you are willing to add up to its maintenance cost over its bit costly price tag. Keeping that aside, the sneakers are a delight to have and a dream for all sneaker-heads.

If you want to know more about this product, you can visit  and have the first look and more details about the sneakers.

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