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Dupcent com Reviews [June] You Must Read Before Order!

Dupcent com Reviews [June] You Must Read Before Order! -> In this article, you get to know about an online website that sells a vast range of Lego toy sets and bag packs. 

Are you interested in gifting your child a brand new set of exciting Lego toys? Check out dupcent.com.

Lego is a very popular brand of building toys for kids. No kid nowadays is a stranger to the world of Lego. Children can spend endless hours building and constructing caves, monuments, waterfalls, and a variety of vehicles. It can keep children engrossed for hours exercising their mental and sensory faculties at the same time.

Due to its increasing popularity, many online sites have started offering a number of Lego games and products for children. If you or your child would love to witness a thrilling Lego experience then make sure to read Dupcent com Reviews below.

Dupcent.com is a recently created online store that is operating from the United States. It  deals in a variety of Lego games.

What is dupcent?

An online platform that offers a wide range of Lego toys for children at very convenient prices. The site claims that it fully takes care of the quality and safety of their products.

Apart from offering a multitude of Lego building sets and hard to find sets it also offers a variety of Lego bag packs.

Site Specifications:

  • Type of site: Online platform selling a variety of Lego toy sets and bag packs. https://dupcent.com/
  • Email: office@customerservicebest.com
  • Exchange: Applicable after contacting
  • Processing time: Not provided
  • Return: 12 month return policy.
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping over $60
  • Refund: Applicable.
  • Delivery time: 5-7 business days
  • Cancellation of order: Not given
  • Contact information: Not provided
  • Company address: Not given
  • Payment modes: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB

Would you like to purchase a cool Lego set from this site? Wait a bit and find out if this site is really legit for you to invest in its products or not.

Is dupcent.com legit?

As with every new site who’s products have not been tried by a substantial number of people, we get concerned about its legitimacy.

This site is no different. Apart from being newly created, the site does not disclose vital contact information like number and address of its owner. This itself is not a good indicator of a site’s integrity.

Apart from this, we noticed incorrect spacing between many words in the site’s ‘About us’ page. This is an indicator of unprofessional work on the part of the people who have created it. Besides, the site does not seem to have any social media presence. This may be a contributing factor in the meager traffic that it has.  

 Pros of purchasing products from dupcent.com:

  • A huge selection of Lego games and bag packs available.
  • All the Lego games are offered at quite appealing and discounted prices.
  • Free shipping over $ 60 is offered.
  • The site offers a 12-month return policy.

 Cons of purchasing products from dupcent.com:

  • There is no option of COD.
  • There is no information about the owner.
  • Sparse traffic on the website.
  • You cannot view any information on payment, delivery time and order cancellation.

The site guarantees a safe and reliable payment procedure.

What people are saying about dupcent.com?

We have not been able to gather any customer feedback on its Lego products either on the site itself or elsewhere on the internet. The site is rarely frequented by anyone. If you know anyone who has purchased Lego toy set or any of their other items be sure to tell us about it.

 Final verdict:

We have come to the conclusion that this site is not safe to navigate without adequate precaution. In the absence of a clear owner address as well as contact number, it becomes dangerous for people to rely on this site for purchasing the products.

Although the site showcases an impressive range of toy sets as well as bag packs, the non-existent traffic in this site deprives us of any knowledge about the quality of their products. It goes on to show that a purchaser will have to solely depend on his/her choice of product when buying any item from here.

Hence, in the absence of very little information about the quality and durability of their products we do not think that it is safe for you to spend money buying from here.

0 thoughts on “Dupcent com Reviews [June] You Must Read Before Order!

  1. I ordered from Dupcent.com. I actually ordered 6 different LEGO sets. They were very communicative until I received my actual package. I received a very small package that contained Apple Ipods. I ordred LEGO and got Ipods. I’ve sent two emails regarding this issues and given them a 24 hour window. No response as of yet. Wondering how my LEGO order became ipods.

    1. Similar thing just happened to us. We ordered over $100 worth of Lego’s and received some knockoff Gucci’s. Do not order from them!

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