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Easy Cool Breeze Review [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Easy Cool Breeze Review [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that is selling this particular air conditioning product.

Do you have an air conditioner? Is it portable? You must be wondering what type of a question is this. How can an air conditioner be portable? In today’s Easy Cool Breeze Review, we’ll be introducing you to a fantastic portable air conditioner.

The website has launched this product, keeping in mind the day to day increasing temperature, humidity, and heat. The warmth in the atmosphere is growing and is making the situation uncomfortable for most of the people.

This website and its product is originated in The United States. This Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Review will give you all the details of this product, its specifications, and how it can be beneficial and portable.

Let’s take you further to give a brief account on the website and the product offered.

What is Eazy Cool Breeze Air Conditioner?

Easy Cool Breeze is a website selling this product Eazy Cool Breeze Air Conditioner, which is the first in its kind of product. The product performs the function of a personal air conditioner making the surroundings cool as well.

It comes in a convenient and light weighted tumbler kind of shape that is easy to carry and does not even require more space.

The product structure involves the bottom a hand-held design, to hold and put in pockets, to insulated double wall to retain the cold, dual intake cavity that takes the air from around. It passes out fresh and cold air and a directional nozzle to pass the cold air.

The product is portable, i.e., it can be taken to a park, study, office, picnic, yoga sessions, and any place you want it to be. Plus, it does not have any technical mechanism that is to be installed.

After all this information, people may have some questions like it safe to use? Does the company offer any quality assurance?

We’ll clear all your doubts further taking into consideration Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Review.

Specifications of Easy Cool Breeze

  • The website offers a very unique plus utility product.
  • The product comes with freezing blast packs.
  • A personal air cooler
  • Easy to carry and hold
  • Fresh air delivered with just a press of a button.
  • The orders can be returned within 30days.
  • Tel:1-800-240-1058
  • Email: breezeblast@customerstatus.com

Pros of buying Easy Cool Breeze

  • An affordable product 
  • A portable and handy air conditioner
  • The product has a double thermal layer to provide cold air for long.
  • With the purchase of one set, you get another one on 50percent off.
  • The product of this website comes in two colour options.

Cons of buying Easy Cool Breeze

  • No contact address is provided on the website.
  • The product is only available in the United States.

Is Easy CoolBreeze Legit?

The product that this website deals with is unique and is a fresh concept to the customers. Moreover, the features and specifications of the product are impressive but somewhat suspicious.

The product has a double thermal layer to retain the cold and give out cold air for the longest time. The product has gained the utmost popularity amongst the people but we are receiving some mixed reviews about the website.

Therefore, we cannot say if the product is legitimate or scam.

What are customer reviews on the website?

We searched for some Easy Cool Breeze Review and received some mixed reviews about the website. The website reviews suggest that the people are happy with their purchase, and find it worth the value. But, on the internet, there are some negative reviews about the product that takes us into a state of confusion.

Hence, we cannot comment if the product is scam or legit ad will recommend our customers to research on their level before going forward.

Final Verdict

The website is offering a unique functional product that is affordable and comes with some amazing offers. The product comes in two colours as well, which are blue and grey.

The product is doing wonders, and people who purchased it are all positive about it and have also recommended it to others as well. The portability and its functionality referring to the product size, is impressive. 

Therefore, all the information that we collected about the product is impressive and positive but we have some negative reviews about the website. The website seems to be too good to be true.

Hence, we would not say that the product is legitimate and would ask our readers to do a research on their end as well.

0 thoughts on “Easy Cool Breeze Review [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this absolutely useless “review” of this product. This article literally offers no helpful product information to a prospective consumer whatsoever, or even so much as a simple opinion based on any actual first-hand testing of the product, either by the author or any authorized colleague or affiliate – or anyone – at all. Suspiciously though, it does seem to imply a favorable bias (eg: “…we’ll be introducing you to a [FANTASTIC] portable air conditioner.”) Seems like this may be more of a misleading marketing ploy than a LEGIT product review, which, unfortunately, only enhanced my concern that this product is a scam and has made me even more apprehensive to purchase it.

    I am so perplexed by the motive (and amount of time wasted) to post this article, that it actually compelled me to waste even more of my own time than I have in reading it, to leave a response. I came to this article in search of some helpful insight on this product, since it’s “too-good-to-be-true” characteristics and advertizing left me skeptical to make the purchase. Perhaps, the insight is that the product IS a scam and that this article is simply another affiliate marketing channel for it, which may have actually saved me from potential buyer’s remorse – I don’t know. Anyhow, I figured since you went out of your way to waste your time writing this article, I could in-kind, waste some of mine with some feedback.

    1. Found the honesty of your review helpful..though I don’t see where you actually tried it. Noting the reviews of the product were favorable and the website was questionable and recommending self research was exactly what made me read your post. Nothing new here.

    2. This product didn’t even cool my closet. My money was returned and EZ asked to keep the product and it’s going right into the trash.

  2. I also find it rather suspicious how many of these articles came out around the time of the 7-8th of July and use similar word choice and all do not seem to give first hand user experience review… very suspicious indeed. Would love a comment by someone who has used this product, satisfied or not, and why?

  3. Pathetic…non review review. Recommendation: Buy a couple, plug them in and try them on not days. Boosting humidity on HOT days doesn’t make much sense, though.

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