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Eating Glue Face Roblox {Feb} A New Game Character

Eating Glue Face Roblox {Feb} A New Game Character -> This news article shares information about a gaming character which created chaos among the people.

Do you know about Roblox gaming platform? Are you interested in learning about a new gaming character in the Roblox game? This article would help you understand one new gaming character, which is trending in the gaming world. 

Eating Glue Face Roblox is a new character in the Roblox game, which is in the trend. People, especially from the Philippines and the United States wants to know about this new gaming character as children are also involved in this game.

So, let’s begin our discussion about this character and explore more about it. But let’s first clarify what Roblox on which this character is available.

What is Roblox? 

Roblox is a gaming platform which provides a platform for the game lovers to create a game and enjoy it. It is free of cost, but there is an in-game currency that can be purchased and enjoyed. It provides platforms for the game administrators to create a game, add characters into it and deliver to the people.

What is Eating Glue Face Roblox?

It is a character in the game created by a user called “lilaclovelyclove”. It is free to use a character in the game, and people can directly use it. 

It is a character depicting sweat from the forehead and mouth with the Glue which narrates the line “Stop Eating all the Glue! How am I supposed to complete my school project?”

This character has taken people’s attention, and they want it to be investigated further about the character.

Who created Eating Glue Face Roblox?

A user, namely lilaclovelyclove, created this character to enhance the gaming beauty of the game. 

It is an emotion which is sweaty and red facial colour. The graphic is inappropriate for the children, and it created a brawl among the people. 

How did Roblox react to this character?

The negative uproar of the people about this character compelled the Roblox to take action against it. They banned the lilaclovecyclove account on the Roblox platform, and the new character is removed from the Roblox.

Thus, Eating Glue Face Roblox character is now deleted from the game, and the developer of the game is banned on Roblox.

Final Verdict:

Roblox is a popular gaming site which provides game lovers platform to create a game for the people. It has its network from children to elders. Thus, any gaming character in the game would impact the children if it is inappropriate. Roblox had one such indecent character in the game which created chaos among the people, especially in the Philippines and the United States. This made Roblox ban the character as well as the account of the developer. 

ThusEating Glue Face Roblox character is no more in use, and the platform has banned it.

Have you seen this character on Roblox? If yes, then please share your essential insights with us in the comment section below.

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