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Ebayfarm Com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Legit To Shop?

Ebayfarm Com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Legit To Shop? >> Are you looking for affordable household products? Check here & decide it is legit site to shop!

‘Are you willing to know all about the United States‘s online portal – Ebayfarm, which is selling alluring products worldwide?’ Or ‘Are you just willing to confirm its authenticity before purchasing from it?’. Well, don’t you worry, this article is going to answer all your queries related to the website and its authenticity? 

In this Ebayfarm Com Reviews, we will enlighten you about every essential detail that will help you make a splendid decision. So let’s start with the unbiased review right now!! 

What is Ebayfarm com?

Before talking about its authenticity, we must know what this website is all about. Ebayfarm is a website that is selling some incredible home decor and necessary items on its portal. The website belongs to the United States, and currently, you can also purchase a Christmas gift from it.

All the products available over the shopping portal are limited and affordable. Ebayfarm com seems to be quite suspicious, so that this Ebayfarm Com Reviews will be more insightful for further analysis. With such a low collection of products, high sale offers, and confidential information, it becomes crucial to do a background check. This review is well-researched and will serve you better if you read it thoroughly. 

Specifications of Ebayfarm com

  • Website Type- Household shopping portal
  • Website Age- 104 ( Creation Date- 26.08.20)
  • Company Address- Not provided
  • Calling Number- Not provided
  • Email Address- info@apricotmall.com 
  • Refund and Return Policy- Available 
  • Cancellation Policy- Available before shipment.
  • Shipping Time- plane + 5 hours
  • Delivery location- Worldwide
  • Payment- PayPal
  • Tracking Order- Not Available

Pros of Ebayfarm Com Reviews

  • Ebayfarm com is serving a gorgeous collection of household things that could increase your comfort zone. It is currently also selling products for your pets’ wellbeing and Christmas gifts in an affordable range. 
  • The website is well equipped and has a real HTTPS certificate, which shows that your typical details will not be harmed. 
  • It also provides many policies and facilities with a user-friendly interface to help customers have a good shopping experience. 
  • All the products seem very attractive, which is one of the most attractive features of the portal. 

Cons of Ebayfarm Com Reviews

  • The shopping portal is not providing any details like calling number, company address, or origin details. Even the domain age is just 104 days, which means it is not even older than six months. 
  • It is not having any social media account or does not take part in any promotional activities. It does not also have any website review that proves its authentication on the internet. 
  • There is no information about customer feedback, and also, it has a low traffic rate. 
  • About us section is absent, and also the domain name and portal name is not matching with each other. 

Is Ebayfarm Legit or a Scam? 

In this Ebayfarm Com Reviews, we have by now explained every essential information that could be useful in determining the loyalty of any website. But as far as this question is concerned, then the answer is known because Ebayfarm com is a Scam site. Whenever we check the authenticity, we must go for the registration dates and customer feedback to get the real data; here, we did the same, and the answer does not convince about its trustworthiness. 

It is hiding a lot of essential company information and does not have any customer or website review. The absence of social media presence and new domain registration is also suspicious. 

What are people saying about it? 

We did not find any Ebayfarm Com Reviews by customers to analyze the public’s perspective about this portal. The absence of social media accounts and website reviews also makes it difficult to understand the customer experience with Ebayfarm com. 

It also proves that the website does not have any real customer reviews, which means no one knows about the portal. Even the official website of Ebayfarm does not have any comment section for customers, not a sign of legit sites. 

Final Verdict

All said and done in this website review, we have enlightened you about every essential information that could help you decide its intentions. Through our Ebayfarm Com Reviews,  our research team requests you to avoid purchasing from the site as it is a Scam site that might end up wasting both your time and money. 

In case you have any experience with this shopping portal, please feel free to share it in our comment section and help our valuable readers to make an informed decision. 

0 thoughts on “Ebayfarm Com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Legit To Shop?

  1. Well they had a special hoing on for this rc truck an i fell for it .they sent av email saying it was shipped but cant get any tracking info..so they got me for about 40.00

    1. I fell for the rc raminator monster truck too. So disappointing. I have emailed them so far unanswered. I ordered it on December 10, 2020. They jipped me out of 30$.

  2. Ebayfarm is garbage. Over ten days since ordering. 4 days since I received a shipping email and there’s is no movement in tracking. Multiple emails requesting info on my order have gone unanswered. Don’t waste your money. Crap company if it’s actually a company.

  3. Ordered 2 trucks for my boys for Christmas. Got shipping confirmation but no tracking info. They got me for $60. Hopefully it’s not a scam but not holding my breath.

  4. I ordered from Ebayfarm and have still not received my item which was a Christmas present for my son! They say it has been shipped but you can`t track it. I have emailed them on numerous occasions but no reply! Must be a scam

  5. Website is a SCAM!! Havent received package or a refund. Beware. N watch c.c for unauthorized use! Id like to ruin their xmas!!

  6. They got me also for an rc truck.. like $30.00 as he said, no email confirmation, website, tracking number, etc.. scam..

  7. Myself, my boyfriend, and my oldest daughter all ordered the same truck email received saying order processed, next email said order shipped also. Still none of us have received a response to our emails

  8. I ordered something for my son, and I went to the website to see if it had shipped, and the website is down. Which means that someone has shut the site down. So I am out $29.98. This will not happen again. I will start buying things in the store. Can’t trust anything anymore.

  9. Same here, fell for rc truck as the only Christmas gift for my son, and I fell for the ad, now have no $ and no gift. I have sent several emails asking for tracking info and phone number where to call and no response. I feel stupid and upset. Don fall for it like I did.

  10. I fell for ordering the rc truck too for it to arrive before Christmas. It finally shipped now everytime I go to my order status I get this message: Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable. What the heck is that. I ordered mine on 12-10-20.

  11. I ordered a truck and cannot get any information as to when it will be delivered. It states been shipped. Website is not accessible. Placed order on 12/10/20 Order No. SQB54968 .

  12. I ordered a truck from them just recently and it was shipped but never any tracking updates. Now if you go to the site, it says unavailable. So I’m pissed. You cant get anyone to message you back on anything that you have questions on. Customer service is a negative response. I cant get a hold of anyone neither.

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