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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 Review 2020 【Read Before Buying】

Keeping our ‘living space’ clean is an important aspect of our well being. We need to breathe and stay in a disinfected environment, for which periodic dusting, cleaning and mopping is an essential requirement. No matter where and how do we stay, our abode should be free of dirt and germs.

We can only render our home near to sterilized through immaculate cleansing of every nook and corner of the ‘brick and mortar’ structure. Manual labor indulged in vacuuming with heavy cumbersome machines is time consuming and not effective too.

So, the technological giants thought of inventing manually controlled intelligent machines or robots who would make your work easier by reducing manual hardwork. It’s not that people are lazy always but,

Sometimes, we are just not able to reach those hidden or sunken indents in the ceilings, walls or floors and at other times, we would wish to outsource the work but huge fares won’t allow us to do so.

Old and aged individuals and people suffering from physical drawbacks or ailments find the automated cleaning gizmos a boon to their daily living.

 If the mundane work of vacuuming and cleaning the house is automized, rather robotized, then won’t it be wonderful?

Here, I would like to introduce a man-machine ‘Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot Vacuum’, which functions on artificial intelligence called robotics.

What is Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900?

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 is a foresighted vacuuming device that has an auto boost power capability. The gizmo robot sweeps, cleans and mops your space giving you complete relief from this burdensome job.

‘Ecovacs’ is quite popular in Australia, because of it’s navigation and mapping of the frame of the house. It does that through smart phone applications. 

A unit of ‘Ecovacs’ package contains the cleaning robot gizmo that weighs 4.6 kgs. An Ozmo water tank and a dustbin within the product have a fair 500 ml capacity. There are two washable and hence re-usable microfiber cleaning napkins, and four side brushes.

There are additional attachments like the suction tube and mop brush, also cleaning tools and a charging dock. The entire pack is available at a retail price of $999, but in Australia, the great money saver offer makes the product available at just $399.

How does it work?

‘Ecovacs Deebot’ is a robot vacuum cleaner that uses it’s artificial brain to articulately clean spaces without any manual intervention. The ‘900’ series starts it’s work along the sides and then with it’s mapping, forms images of the area to be cleaned. It then closes in slowly covering every inch of the space with systematic cleaning and mopping.

Well, unlike several other automated vacuum cleaners, this one sports the additional mop feature which is detachable.

Who should buy an Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900?

‘Ecovacs 900’ is priced at a very nominal charge of $399, exclusively for Australians. The robot can be synced with the Google Home assistant and also Amazon Alexa. So, it becomes pretty easier for working professionals, who spend a considerable time outside their home, for controlling the device remotely. It can also be simulated to your voice control.

It is affordable and at this low price, one gets a lot of features to work on.

Why is it famous?

The ‘Ecovacs Deebot 900 series’ is famous for it’s sleek design. It’s smaller in size in comparison to other such smart appliances. The device not only vacuums your home but also mops it with an entailing brush.

Once, the ‘Ecovacs Deebot’ is filled with water, the brush protruding from it’s surface wet wipes the floor. You can choose to ignore this function by simply detaching the attachment from the main appliance.

Ecovacs is now available at a much cheaper price than most similar products and is smarter than the latter. The ‘Ecovacs 900’ is an almost hassle free product. It starts it’s cleaning along the edges and then captures a vivid image of the area to be cleaned.

 Following the map, it cleans every unreachable nook and corner of the house and leaves it spic and span. Suppose, while cleaning, it loses on charge, the smart sensitivity allows it to trace back itself to it’s charging point for a quick reboost.

No other gadget present in the market can match it’s smart features till now. So, getting an exceptional home cleaning gadget, with remote sensory enabling, benefits one and all, at a pocket friendly price. This is nothing but a ‘technological dream’ for a buyer.

What are the negative remarks about ‘Ecovacs’?

Ecovacs is no doubt an amazing device, which has it’s own set of shortcomings.

 Firstly, ‘Ecovacs 900’ would easily trip over cables and wires, found on the floor and would sometimes get obstructed while gliding over carpets. At times, it gets stuck so badly that it just can’t find it’s way back to it’s charging stand and thereby, the work gets stalled till manual help doesn’t arrive.

Secondly, If your space is very dirty like the kitchen, where a lot of scum and filth appear, here ‘Ecovacs’ vacuuming isn’t powerful enough even if it’s set to it’s highest performance level.

Thirdly, the noise that ‘Ecovacs’ makes isn’t desirable at all. It’s quite disturbing and won’t really allow you to rest peacefully. If you are out of your home and controlling it through remote sensing then the noise doesn’t matter.

However, if your cool gadget gets stuck anywhere at home then your work gets stalled and you got to worry a little.


Apart from the few derailments, ‘Ecovacs’ works absolutely great when it comes to cleaning huge spaces without human intervention. Reaching out to those unreachable areas where a human hand or even some machines can’t reach, the ‘Ecovacs 900 series’ maneuvers itself to suit the space.

It is mindfully designed keeping in view today’s lifestyle and requirements. The smart features are uncommon and easily usable.

According to me such an innovative product being available at a low definitive price is surely worth your purchase.

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