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Eddie Wordle {April} Explore Full Game Strategy Here!

This article discusses how to crack Wordle’s mystery in different attempts through Eddie Wordle strategy and spinoffs. Follow our article for further details.

Hey, it’s wordle time. Each day wordle offers a new set of challenges. Was today’s Wordle a bit tricky? Want to make a strategy to crack the mystery in one go? If your answer is yes, we will surely help you with this article.

Many people from IrelandCanada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia come to play this game. So today, in this article, we will discuss Eddie Wordle, which will convert your everyday Wordle into wheedling. Read the article below.

How to Convert Wordle To Wheedle?

Listed below are the steps to convert Wordle to wheedle:

  • After you solve the daily wordle mystery.
  • Keep a record of the number of Wordle and all the words you used in each guess.
  • In which attempt, you guessed it correct? Two, four, six?
  • We have listed below the rules following which you can form your wheedle.
  • It will help you crack wordle mystery in one go by following Eddie Game of wheedling.

Rule Of Eddie Wheedle:

If you wish to solve the mystery of Wordle in one attempt, you should follow the rules listed below:

  • 1st Attempt: Once you guess the correct letter, keep the word to yourself and keep a record of it.
  • 2nd Attempt: You can write down one Couplet: A two-line syllable of 10/11. You can make it rhythmic if you want.
  • 3rd Attempt: You can write down one Haiku. It is a syllable of 1=5, 3=5 and 2=7.
  • 4th Attempt: According to Eddie Wordle, You can write down one Quatrain, which has 4 lines and will internally rhyme with each other. 
  • 5th Attempt: You can write down one Kindle, which represents five words in five-line, with every word having a starting letter of ‘Q.’
  • 6th Attempt: You can Write down one Tercets, representing a stanza of three lines and will mean a place name.

How to post Wheedles on Social media?

  • It would help if you shared the current day’s wheedle on the next day.
  • You can share it on Facebook or say Twitter.
  • You should always use a hashtag and the wordle number as your Wheedle heading.

Alternative of Eddie Wordle:

  • Super Wheedle: This is completely free and offers seven lines challenge with every word starting letter would be the initial letter of the days of the week.

Note while sharing the answer of super wheedle, it contains too many characters, which will get difficult to share on Twitter. So you should post a Screen-Shot of it.

The Closing Statement:

The strategy to solve Wordle in different attempts might prove very useful, and to know complete detail about wheedle, you can click on this link. 

This article shares a complete detail on how to convert every day Wordle to wheedle as per Eddie Wordle and more about the other version of Wheedle, which will allow players to know more about this game.

Did you like the wordle solving trick? Share your views.

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