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Eip Card Scam [May] – Why Is It Hyped So Much?

Eip Card Scam [May] – Why Is It Hyped So Much? -> In this post, you will find out everything about the Stimulus Check and the EIP Card.

Did you receive an EIP Card in your mailbox? If yes, then don’t think of it as something useless.

You must have many questions in mind about it. Is Eip Card Scam? Did other people receive it too? What are the uses of an Eipcard?

If you Google Eipcard, you may come across the website Eipcard.Com in the United State. However, the technical language used on the website is confusing. 

So in this article, we will clear all of your doubts about EIP Cards.

Is Eipcard Legit?

A person receives an EIP Card when he is eligible for the relief fund. The whole program is under the control of the Treasury. 

This program is known as the US Debit Card Program. It delivers non-beneficial payments to people through prepaid debit cards.

So, EIP Card is a legit card given by the government. However, be aware of scammers who may come as imposters and trick you into taking fake cards.

What is Eipcard.Com?

Eipcard.com is a website where you can activate your EIP Card, set your PIN, and check your balance. 

EIP stands for Economic Impact Payment. It is also known as the Stimulus Debit Card. That’s because it gives the Stimulus Check to people who are eligible for it.

However, EIP Card is mailed only to people who are eligible for the relief fund but didn’t submit their banking details to the IRS. 

If you receive an EIP Card, you can register on this website and set your username and password easily. You can also block your card if it gets lost.

Why is Eipcard.com Unique?

The EIP Card gives money to people who are eligible for a relief fund in times of crisis. 

It is not a credit card. It is a debit card. The money that you use from an EIP Card is righteously yours. You do not have to pay it back with huge amounts of interest. 

You can buy all the necessities that you need for your family. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about salary or work in times of crisis. 

Specifications of Eip Card Website:

  • Website: https://www.eipcard.com/
  • Card Activation: Applicable
  • PIN Creation: Applicable
  • PIN Change: Applicable 
  • Balance Check: Applicable
  • Card Blocking: Applicable
  • Online Purchase: Applicable
  • Person to Person Transactions: Applicable
  • ATM Locator: Applicable

Pros of Using Eip Card:

  • You can use your EIP card like any other card
  • The government doesn’t track your purchases
  • You can do online shopping
  • You can prepay for gas using your EIP card
  • You can lock the card on the website if it is lost or stolen
  • You don’t have to pay interest for using EIP card

Cons of Using Eip Card:

  • You cannot apply for extra cards for your family members
  • When you use an international ATM to withdraw, you should pay extra charges
  • If you check your balance at an ATM, you have to pay extra charges.
  • You are charged when you apply for a new card when the old one gets lost or stolen.

Customer Reviews on Eip Card:

Since the Eipcard is new, many people who don’t know about it think that it’s a scam. However, it is a way for many people to get access to their relief fund.

Many people who have used Eipcard are happy with it. Since it is not a credit card, you don’t have to pay back the money that you use.

Users can easily find the nearest In-network ATM using the Money Network App. You do not have to pay extra charges when you use an eligible ATM.

You can also check your account balance on the card’s website. Therefore, you don’t have to go to the ATM to check your balance.

Final Verdict:

EIP Card is a very useful card launched by the government with the help of this site. It could be the main way through which people will get benefits from the government in times of crisis.

The Treasury of the US government partners with Meta-Bank to operate the US debit card program.

It is a clever way to give the stimulus check to people who qualify for the relief fund but didn’t provide their bank account details.

EIP is not a scam. So please don’t throw it away when you receive one in your mailbox.

5 thoughts on “Eip Card Scam [May] – Why Is It Hyped So Much?

  1. Why was it NOT a direct deposited check when I gave the Treasury my bank routing information? Also how did I receive a very very small amount when I am retired and living on a small pension, yet siblings who are working got the full $1200? It makes no sense and someone is getting scammed~ the taxpayers as usual.

  2. What locations on Long Island can i visit to transfer money from my Visa/Debit card into my personal savings account?

  3. I am having trouble getting through the process requiring 16 – 19 digits
    and indicating valid due date.
    card has 05/24 as valid thru date but I am only allowed to enter 5/24 not 05/24 !

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