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{Watch Video Link} El Patron Real Video No Blurred: Gore Sin Miedo Al Ban Assustador Clip!

The article discusses El Patron Real Video No Blurred Gore Sin Miedo Al Ban Assustador Video and its availability in a no-blurred version on internet.

Are you the person who has the strong heart to see the gore videos that are trending over the internet? Then, did you see the El Patron Real Video No Blurred version recently?

The El Patron video has been circulated all over the Brazil region and made people stunned by watching the video. Thus, what was present in the video? Why is it so bad? To know all the answers, you have to read the complete article.

El Patron Real Video No Blurred Version

El Patron is the name of the trending video where an innocent man was brutally shot dead five times in the face. The murderer videographed the whole incident and uploaded it to the internet. That video has been termed the gore one because, as he was shot five times over his face, the blood rushed out of his body like a strong fountain, and even his eyes popped out of his face. This is the whole scene of El Patron Video Gore real version video. Since it contains more age-restricted content, the video has been banned and removed from many reputed social media platforms. But the real video can be seen on the Gore website and the WatchPeopleDie website. On that site, people can see the unblurred version as well.

El Patron Video Gore availability

Presently, the El Patron video is still available on the websites mentioned above. Some YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram channels claim to release the original one, but we request every reader not to fall for the fake link trap. Even then, some countries may restrict access to the very gore websites.

El Patron Video Assustador

Here, the term “assustador” refers to “frightening,” and yes, the whole El Patron video looks so frightening, and the guy who got murdered is also trembling in fear. The guy who got shot wore orange shots, a neon green t-shirt, and a black hat. It is believed the shooting incident happened on February 21 in the Los Olivos region.

The subject of the El Patron Video Assustador seemed to have borrowed money from the people, but he failed to return it to them, so the lenders decided to take his life. This is the real background story for this incident. But the perpetrators used to commit more crimes like this in their area, and the orange-shot guy became the victim of them as well.

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El Patron Video Sin Miedo Al Ban 

Here, the term “Sin Miedo Al Ban” refers to “no fear of ban”. This video deserved to be banned by the officials because no one on this earth deserves such a horrible death, and posting it over the internet affects the real dignity of the person. Still, the video has been uploaded and gone viral all over the internet. El Patron Video Sin Miedo Al Ban video invited a lot of controversy and criticism as to why such videos are circulating over the internet. Upon such reactions, the major social media platforms removed all the El Patron videos. But gore websites don’t have the obligation to do that, so they are still streaming the videos to the viewers.


Thus, in this article, we have discussed the background story of the El Patron Real Video No Blurred version. This video is strictly not for the person aged below 18; thus, kindly make up your mind before watching the video because it contains more disturbing visuals. And do watch it on legit websites.

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Disclaimer: This article discusses murder and shooting scene data, so it is restricted to people aged over 18.

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