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Eleceed 165 {Nov 2021} Curious To Know – Read Here!

Eleceed 165 shares the release date and storyline of the manga series that has grabbed the attention of fans.

The Korean manga series fans have increased over the years, and its popularity has grown worldwide. Of course, Japanese manga has gained many audiences in different countries, but the Korean series Eleceed has slowly earned its place in the comic reader’s mind.

Most of the series is based on a hero with unique power fighting different monsters, but this series has a little different storyline, which connects well with comic readers. Eleceed 165 is the latest chapter which is set to be released in the coming days.

About Eleceed Manhwa:

This comic series was authored and developed by Son Jae Ho and belonged to action based genre. The first chapter of the series was released in April of 2020, and till now, its 164 chapters are available in the market for online reading.

The Korean version is available on Naver, while English stories can be read on Webtoon. The story’s central character is Jiwoo, who has some unique superpower, and he intends to make the world a better place by helping needy people.

Spoiler for Eleceed 165 is out in the market, but none is sure about it. The other character who has a vital role in the story is Kayden; he later becomes a mentor for Jiwoo and trains him to use his skills better to defeat the enemies.

Eleceed Chapter 164:

Since April 2020, Eleceed has released its new chapter on Tuesday of every week, and chapter 164 was out on 28th October. The chapter begins with people in Awakened Academy talking about the victory of Jiwoo; they all are amazed by his power and fighting skills. 

Eleceed 165is expected to begin with everybody acknowledging the power of Kayden and Jiwoo. However, Inhyuk was not much surprised about Jiwoo’s victory and felt that Kayden must have seen something special in him; that’s why he made him his disciple.

Kayden and Jiwoo were also seen discussing the recently held fight with Gahin, as he felt the embarrassment of defeat in front of everyone. Asher Brian was also impressed by Jiwoo’s war, but she thinks it would not be easy for him to trounce her. 

Asher belonged to the family of high-class world Awakeners and had special powers.

What to Expect from Eleceed 165 and its Release Date?

Chapter 165 is expected to release on the 3rd or 4th of November on Webtoon, and its fan can read their favourite manga series on it. The last chapter saw the principal and the instructor talking about the fight and training which students got. 

Though it appeared that both had a different plan going in their mind, chapter 165 can see some revenge by Gahin and more about principal and instructor sinister design.

Final verdict:

The popularity of the Korean manga series is a good sign for comic readers, and it will give rise to a different genre of storytelling. Eleceed 165 will provide the reader with an insight into the future of this series and how the author is taking Eleceed.

Fans of Korean manhwa can share their thoughts in the comment section below.

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