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Elmer Syaherman IG: Read Exclusive Details Of Biodata, Selingkuhan Pilot, Citilink, Lahir!

The Elmer Syaherman IG article will discuss when he was in Lahir, the Selingkuhan Pilot, his Biodata & the Bella Damaika Citilink controversy details.

Are you looking for Elmer Syaherman’s Instagram profile details? Do you know the real controversy surrounding Elmer Syaherman? What controversy made people start discussing Elmer Syaherman and his wife?

This article will guide you to the Elmer Syaherman scandal, as the news is trending in Indonesia right now. Thus, without any further delay, hurry up and start reading through the Elmer Syaherman IG article.

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Details regarding Elmer Syaherman IG 

Elmer Syaherman is currently a famous name who is capturing the major social media sites for his controversial matter. People are also looking for Elmer’s IG profile and his personal life details on search engines. We will update you on Elmer Syaherman Biodata and more on the upcoming blog. 

Details regarding Elmer Syaherman IG 

After 30 December 2023, Elmer’s Instagram account is the central topic of online discussions. Elmer Syaherman currently made his IG profile private right after his leaked scandal. Elmer’s IG account holds more than 170K followers right now, and he shares mixed content based on his lifestyle, passion, travel, and more. Elmer’s IG profile shows that he is married to famous Tiktoker Ira Nandha, and they also have a baby boy together.

Elmer Syaherman Biodata

Primary online sources reveal that Elmer Syaherman is a pilot for Citilink Airlines by profession. He is presently ranked as the first officer in Citilink Airlines. He holds an Indonesian Nationality and follows the Muslim religion. 

Elmer Syaherman Biodata

Elmer Syaherman Lahir in 1994 and is currently 29+ years old. Elmer was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Elmer is mainly recognized on social media platforms for his Tiktoker wife, Ira Nandha. He has completed a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung. 

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Updates on Bella Damaika Selingkuhan Pilot

Ira Nanda, the wife of pilot Elmer Syaherman, finally breaks the silence on his husband’s affair. Elmer’s wife caught him cheating seven times continuously. Six times, he has been allegedly associated with the same women and one time with other women. This time, after deeply being hurt, she shared screenshots of her husband’s chats with the alleged girlfriend, Bella Damaka. 

Major Indonesian news channels started circulating the Bella Damaika Selingkuhan Pilot newsElmer’s wife also stated that it’s pretty sad for her to get cheated continuously. Hence, this time, she decided to reveal her husband’s affair on social media sites. 

When was Elmer Syaherman Lahir?

As discussed above, Elmer was born in 1994. Thus, this year in 2024, he will be 30 years old. Elmer Syaherman’s life details, including his biodata, are a major source of discussion for online users now.

Bella Damaika Citilink Scandal Info

Bella Damak is a flight attendant at Citilink Airline. She is also in the current news for her affair with the famous Tiktoker husband, Elmer Syaherman. Bella and Elmer used to have their romantic conversations on an app with different user names.

Bella used to conduct the conversation with the user name @lachocolatte, and Elmer used to carry on his conversation under the user name @Jaheerman. Emler’s wife, Ira Nandha, recently exposed the two of them through her IG profile.

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Hence, finally, Tiktok star Ira Nanda leaked the Bella Damaika Citilink controversy with substantial evidence and proof on major online sites. Some Indonesian news channels also highlighted the case of Elmer Syaherman’s affair.

What are your reactions to Elmer Syaherman’s extra-marital affair? Please comment below.

Disclaimer: This blog only discusses the controversial matter of Elmer Syaherman. The article is written to guide the readers with accurate information on the relevant matter. Also, our platform doesn’t conduct any promotional events through it.

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