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Elvie Stride Pump Review (Sep 2021) Is It Legit Product?

This article holds genuine Elvie Stride Pump Review about the breast pump.

Are you a new mother and looking for a hands-free breast pump? Then you must get into this review post.

Today we will be introducing you to the top-rated product called Elvie Stride Pump. It is the ultra-quiet hands-free breast pump that sits under your clothing. However, the product has gained attention from mothers worldwide, including in the United States

In this Elvie Stride Pump Review session, people will get to know in-depth details of the product and its outcomes. 

What is Elvie Stride Pump?

Elvie Stride Pump was developed to keep in mind today’s working schedule and lifestyle. Nowadays, people are extremely busy with their hectic schedules, and being a newborn baby mother means having lots of responsibilities. However, now you can save some of your time with this upgraded Elvie Stride Pump, as it allows you to walk by keeping your hands free and your clothing on. 

Let’s learn more about the features and benefits of this pump in this Elvie Stride Pump Review.

How Does It Work?

It works on an internal rechargeable battery and comes with two modes and 20 intensity settings. Moreover, this pump is built with noise reduction technology, and its sound blends with the other background noises for actual pumping discretion. 

What are the other details of the Elvie Stride Pump?

You can wear this pump under your clothing and walk around freehand. The app controls this pump, and it also keeps track of your pumping history. It is innovative equipment, so you do not need to pump harder. Furthermore, you can choose the stimulation and expression as per your preference, efficiency, and comfort. 

Let’s read further and find out the shopper’s Elvie Stride Pump Review.

What are the specifications of the Elvie Stride Pump?

  • It comes with multiple attachments. 
  • It includes an instruction manual.
  • Its cost without insurance is $249.
  • A mobile app controls it. 
  • Its capacity per cup is 5oZ.
  • It comes with 2 years of pump mechanism and 90 days on components warranty. 

What are the positive features of ordering an Elvie Stride Pump?

  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • There is Elvie Stride Pump Review published on the internet. 
  • It runs on an internal rechargeable battery. 
  • It is suitable for both single and double pumping. 
  • It is BPA-free.
  • Its suction strength is 270mm Hg.
  • It has 20 intensity settings and two modes.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • You can also get insurance on this upgrade breast pump.

What are the negative features of ordering an Elvie Stride Pump?

  • The upgrade insurance version does not cover all damages as it comes with many T&C.
  • The product is only available in the United States. considering the Elvie Stride Pump Review

Is Elvie Stride Pump Legit Or A Scam? 

According to the latest R&D, the Elvie Stride Pump has launched recently in the ecommerce market to make a purchase. Thus, collecting information about the product and its usage is suggested before adding it to your cart. 

Kindly pay heed to these below-mentioned parameters below to ensure the legitimacy of the brand. 

  • Customer feedback- as per the current analysis, we have found some customer’s Elvie Stride Pump Review from the internet. 
  • Seller’s domain age- the breast pump offering brand’s domain is registered on 23/12/1999.
  • Seller’s domain expiration- the seller’s domain name is validated until 23/012/2021.
  • Availability- the product is available on multiple portals.
  • Social media icons- the brand has verified and active social media pages. 
  • Alexa rank of seller’s site- the Alexa rank of the seller’s site is 186,961.
  • Trust index- the offering brand has gained a 96% trust score. Let us elaborate on the customers’ reviews in the upcoming section.

Customers’ Elvie Stride Pump Review

The product has managed to gain tons of reviews from the customers. People seem excited to order this breast pump and have posted their views under its video promotion.

Moreover, on the official Instagram page of the brand, people have also requested to post a comparison between Elvie Stride Pump and other breast pumps. 

On the other hand, we have received mixed reviews from the reliable feedback portal Trustpilot about the brand and the product. People have shared their experiences and said this pump leaks depending on body position. They have not received any help from Elvie regarding their pump leaking issue. While others said the brand has excellent customer service, they are pleased with the purchase. 

Therefore, the product has gained more lovers than the haters.  


After doing end-to-end research while writing this Elvie Stride Pump Review, we concluded that this electric breast pump is legit, and the interested shoppers can try it. But, still, we recommend everybody read all the reviews from their end before taking any call to action. Moreover, we have provided you with the information and unbiased review of the product only.

In case you want to check the validity of the product from your end, then click here. Have you ever purchased from Elvie? Please post your feedback below in this post.

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