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[Update] Emily Hillstrom Linkedin: Why is Hillstrom Sault Ste Marie Trending? Also Check Details On Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn Mlse, And Her Parents

This research on Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn will guide the readers on the latest update on the affair between John and Emily Hillstrom.

Were you able to reach Emily Hillstrom’s profile on LinkedIn? Many social media users are trying to reach her through social media platforms in the United States and Canada. Some citizens are asking about Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn page as they want to see and check her latest activities. But, why is this girl trending on every social media? If you have not to find the correct reason for his popularity, then you must spend five minutes here and get all details. 

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LinkedIn Profile of Emily Hillstrom! 

According to online sources, a recent press conference attended by Toronto’s former mayor, John Tory revealed some hidden facts about his relationship with his tour advisor, Emily Hillstrom. After this statement, people began looking for her LinkedIn profile in which she mentioned about her work. However, the page has been removed and is unavailable now.

Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn Mlse

As per online reports, Emily was working with John Tory and followed him to London for a project in October 2019. She accompanied him as a staff member of the EU mission from October 5 to October 14 in 2019. It was also found that she worked for MLSE to carry out campaigns and special projects. She was designated as associate director for these projects. One can check more of her jobs for MLSE on her LinkedIn profile once it will recover. Her profile is not available on LinkedIn as it has been removed due to this controversy. 

DISCLAIMER: All the reports on the affair between Hillstrom and Tory have been taken from the internet. No allegations about anyone’s personal life have been made by us. The post was only made for giving updates to the readers.

Why is Hillstrom Sault Ste Marie trending? 

According to sources, Emily Hillstrom is trending on every social site because she was in a relationship with John Tory, Toronto’s former Mayor. As per sources, it was revealed that John Tory is 68 years old and married. On the other hand, Emily is younger than John and currently, she is 31. 

Are Hillstrom and Tory still dating? 

During the conference, John Tory revealed updates on her relationship with Emily, his tour advisor. He clarified that they were dating during the pandemic. However, the couple parted ways after a mutual agreement this year. Hence, he made it clear that they are not dating. 

Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn profile is unavailable right now. Once it is recovered, we will update our viewers on the same.


Summing up this content, we have penned down all the valuable facts on the relationship between Hillstrom and Tory. As per sources, the mayor resigned after making a revelation of his affair.

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Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the latest news on Emily Hillstrom? 

Ans. As per online sources, Emily is trending because John Tory, the ex-mayor revealed his relationship with Emily.

Q2. How old are Emily and Tory?

Ans. Online sources revealed that Emily is 31 while John is elder than her and is 68 years old. 

Q3. Are the couple still together?

Ans. No, John made it clear during the press conference that their relationship ended after a mutual agreement. 

Q4. Who are the parents of Emily Hillstrom?

Ans. The details on Emily Hillstrom Parents are unavailable.

Q5. What work Emily did with John?

Ans. She was the tour advisor of John Tory.

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