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Emotionally Wordle {July 2022} Know Correct Answer!

This summary that is penned down below is the sort of guidance for those who were confused about Emotionally Wordle.

Is Wordle so onto your nerves that you’re guessing irrelevant words also? Like, have you ever guessed an eleven-letter word for a 5 letter answer game? If so, don’t feel unpleasant as there are many confused people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada like you. 

Currently, this was the scenario of Wordle number 405. One of the hints was quite rambling so, the players started getting impulsive and the rest is the history that is stated below. Let’s see about Emotionally Wordle more-

Was Emotionally an Answer? 

Emotionally wasn’t an answer and cannot be an answer of any Wordle as it is a very lengthy lettered word. The hints which were given to the players were like-

  • The word started with U and ended with T alphabets. 
  • There were 2 vowels and no repetitive letters in an answer. 
  • The word of the day was a noun and demonstrates a sentiment. 
  • Distress can be a relevant synonym of that word. 

So, the answer was UPSET which fulfills all the points of the clues. 

Is Emotionally a Word? 

After getting the right answer and finding out the irrelevance of this word in Wordle, many of you might be disheartened now. But, there’s no need to question your potential by asking such questions. Emotionally is a word that is present in many well-known dictionaries.

It is a proper word that is usually used by many in daily conversations. But, we don’t think that it can fit any of the variations of Wordle except wordle unlimited. However, it wasn’t and isn’t an answer to that also. 

What are the Definitions? 

If we talk about Emotionally Definition, it is not even present in Cambridge, Collins, and Merriam-Webster dictionaries, but also present in the Macmillan dictionary. Cambridge is saying that it’s a phrase that pertains to sensitivities. 

As per Merriam Webster, it means bidding to or arousing emotion. According to Collins, it is concerned with strong feelings. And, Macmillan is denoting this word as a suspicion that influences our life in any way. 

Why is this Trending? 

The word emotionally ” has been trending since yesterday for many reasons. One of them is quite obvious, that is the hints. Specifically, the term Emotionally Distressed is more controversial because of the above-given clues. Players become a little bit tense and impulsive too when it comes to tough puzzles. So, they just wish to fit their reckoned words as answers in any way. Emotionally is an example of one of those scenarios. We believe that those people who guessed this word as an answer must play Wordle unlimited frequently. 


As a final thought, Wordle number 405 of 29th July was looking easy but wasn’t so. We would advise you to try different variations of Wordle and several puzzle games to give your mind a variety to avoid situations like Emotionally Wordle. This can be your unconscious mind that is not ready to face any pressure and trying to escape from the usual routine. 

We have assembled the data here from Internet research. Kindly click here to know more about yesterday’s puzzle. And, what’s your leisure activity when you’re emotionally exhausted? Please comment. 

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