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Empress Njamah Pictures: Check Her Leaked Photos, And Bathing Video Details From Twitter, And Instagram, Also Know Her Husband, And Daughter Details

This article delivered about Empress Njamah Pictures and the leaked video controversy. And also exposed her personal life in detail.

Who is Empress Njamah? Why is she in trendy talking now? Empress Njamah is an actress’s separated fiancé Josh Wade. She was born in Ogun State, Nigeria, and is a famous actress in the United Kingdom and the United States

Her fiancé Josh Wade created a Whatsapp group and started sharing her private videos days after he threatened her. Continue reading the Empress Njamah Pictures article to know more about Empress Njamah and Jose wade. And also private photo and video sharing on social media.

About Empress Njamah – Trendy talk

Empress Njamah is an Actress and also an entrepreneur. Recently her fiancé tweeted I really miss you, Empress Njamah. Along with these posts, he also released her private videos. 

Josh Wade created a WhatsApp group and added more people to that group. Then he started posting videos and pictures taken in Empress Njamah’s house. He also posted some acquitted video recordings of the Empress taking a bath.

Disclaimer Statement

The content present in the article is for the reader’s informative purpose only. We do not put blame or support anyone.

Empress Njamah’s Husband

Empress Njamah had a relationship and date with Timaya. The relationship was broken up and talked about on social networks. Empress Njamah mentioned that she didn’t mind her relationship status and she doesn’t worry about being single. She says that celebrity marriages won’t last.


Empress Njamah's Husband

Josh Wade is her life partner, and there is no proof of their marriage. Media also stated that it might be a rumour. Continue reading to know about Empress Njamah’s released Photos on social media.

About Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah is a supporting actress in Nigerian films. She is a kid of a Nigerian father and a Cameroonian mother. In 2012, the Africa Film Academy Awards nominated Empress Njamah as a best-supporting actress. But she lost out to South African actress Terry Pheto.

Empress Njamah started her acting career in 1995. She started the House of Empress foundation as part of social responsibility. This foundation provides special needs to the kids need. In 2016, Empress Njamah’s House of Empress foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Let us see the Twitter release and social media posts in the upcoming section.

Leaked Video on Social media

In social media, the controversy has started about Empress Njamah’s leaked private video from her fiancé. Josh Wade, a Liberian man, is Empress Njamah’s boyfriend. He shared her private videos on social media.

Empress Njamah mentioned headlines on 15th December 2022 about her engagement. She posted on her social media page showing off an engagement ring with a gentleman on Instagram. But on the next day, 16th December 42-year-old man posted that post was released under pressure. He also mentioned that the engagement video was released under pressure. And also that he blackmailed Empress by bullying her to leak her private videos.

Social Media Links

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As we conclude, Empress Njamah’s controversial photos on social media were released by 

Linda Ikeji, 2nd January, Monday, 2023. He made a WhatsApp group and allegedly shared posting Empress Njamah’s private videos taken in her house, including her Bathing videos. To know more about Empress Njamah,  Click the link.

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Empress Njamah Pictures: FAQ

Q1. Who is Empress Njamah?

Nigerian film supporting actress.

Q2. Is she married?


Q3. Where was the leak of her private photos?

Social media

Q4. Is she have a Daughter?


Q5. How old is she?

42 years.

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