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Benefits of Buying Engine Protection Cover for Your Car

When it comes to car insurance, the most ideal option is complete vehicle insurance. This is because, as the name suggests, it is comprehensive and exhaustive in terms of its coverage. However, it does not cover the varied needs of all customers. This is why the insurance providers came up with various add-ons like zero depreciation cover, return to invoice, and engine protection to help customers with specific needs. Read further to know more about the engine protection add-on, its benefits, inclusions and exclusions, etc.

What is the Engine Protection Cover for Your Car? 

The Engine protection add-on for your car, as the name suggests, offers coverage for damages caused or losses incurred by the engine of the insured vehicle. You can also avail the compensation in case you want to get your engine or its parts repaired or replaced because of the seepingf of lubricants, water entry into the engine, etc. 

Is Engine Damage Covered by Insurance?

Without the engine protection add-on, the engine of your insured vehicle will not be covered and you will be liable to pay for the expenses of any damages caused or losses incurred. Further, the add-on is not a part of the standard policy and can only be bought along with the comprehensive car insurance policy at an additional cost. 

What are the Steps to Buy the Protection Add-on for Engine safety?

The engine protection cover enhances your existing comprehensive policy by giving you the ultimate coverage protecting the engine of your car. Listed below are the steps to buy the Engine Protection add-on online.

Step 1: Go to the website or mobile app of your preferred or existing insurer.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on ‘buy/renew’ under comprehensive car insurance.

Step 3: You will be shown various add-ons to choose from. Select the Engine Protection add-on.

Step 4: Once you have selected it, you will be shown the amount estimate. After paying the estimated premium, you will be mailed the details of your policy to the registered email address and can avail the benefits of add-on.

What are the Engine Protection Cover benefits?

Let us take a look at the various engine protection cover benefits and the damages it covers as a part of the add-on. Engine protection shield takes care of the following: 

  • Damages incurred due to leakage of lubricants in the engine.
  • Damages because of water in the engine.
  • Damages that are caused by starting the car whenever the water come into the engine due to hydrostatic lock.
  • Damages that are caused due to natural calamities like cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc.

What are the Exclusions of the Engine Protection Cover?

While insurance policies are generally exhaustive in nature, there are certain limitations to it to protect the interests of both the parties involved. Listed below are the exclusions of the engine protection cover.

  • Damages caused due to force starting the car, if the car inside the water and water has definitely entered the engine.
  • Likewise to any policy, the engine protection cover also does not provide any coverage for significant damagesi.e., the damages that arise out of driving a damaged vehicle after an misfortune.
  • While the add-on exists to protect your engine, you can only make two claims throughout the policy tenure and further claims will be rejected.
  • It is natural that the engine of a car can get older and a little rusty with age. 
  • Damages due to regular wear and tear.
  • If the driver or owner does not inform the insurer and conducts restoration or replacement without consultation.
  • Damages caused due to drunk driving.
  • Driving without a valid license or insurance policy.
  • Damages caused due to involvement in racing.
  • The expenses on lubricants in the event of consumable leakage.

Who Should Buy the Engine Protection Cover? 

The engine protection cover comes at an additional price and is an ideal option for people who

  • reside around a flood-prone location
  • Own a sports car or an expensive luxury car.
  • Need complete protection for your engine and do not want to risk it.
  • Own a car with an expensive engine or parts, in case of replacement or repair.

Are Engine Protection Covers Worth It?

Though the protection cover of the car engine can be availed by everyone with a inclusive car insurance policy, it is advisable to buy this cover if you think of it as an absolute necessity or fall under any of the above-mentioned categories. 

How to File a Claim for Protection Add-on for your Engine?

Filing a claim for protection add-on for engine is similar and as easy as your inclusive car insurance policy. There are the steps to file a claim for the engine protection add-on mentioned below.

  •  The first thing to do once you meet with an accident or suffer damages due to your engine is to call your insurer and inform them regarding damages caused or losses incurred by the engine or its parts. 
  • Upon informing, the insurer will send over an authorized examiner to consider the damages or losses suffered. After the examiner examines the damages, he/she sends over an estimate to the insurer.
  • Once approved by the insurer, you can obtain your vehicle directed to the authorized garage and get it repaired and get the reimbursement for the repair.

The best thing to do when you buy a car ideally is to maintain it properly to avoid any unwanted damages or unnecessary expenses. Keep an eye on your engine and its parts regularly. If you are not much of an expert, feel free to get it checked by one periodically or learn from them. 

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