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Ericro Store Reviews [Feb 2021] Legit one or Not Check

Ericro Store Reviews [Feb 2021] Legit one or Not Check -> In this review post, we analyze a site that provides fashion products for daily use.

Are you a fashionista who loves high-end fashion items? If yes, you must read this. ERICRO is an online retailer based in the United States that provides you with the best fashion style products globally. If you are quite passionate about purchasing quality products, then this site is for you.

Nowadays, many online sites are popping up during this pandemic situation. But not all these sites are legit. So, is it possible for you to find the site legitimacy? Yes, it is possible! There are so many factors to check the site’s legitimacy. So, to help you decide to purchase from this site, we provide Ericro store reviews.

It includes domain age, social media presence, payment methods, shipping, privacy policies, etc. Come, let dig into the details.

What is Ericro store?

Ericro store is an online shopping site that provides fashion products for daily use. It is located at ericro. Store. The site offers new products, kids rocking chairs, foldable treadmills, bags, sweaters, etc.

Before purchasing from this site, it is essential to check if there is a chance to get trapped or not.

We at this moment analyze ericro. Store in and out and give you Ericro store reviews.


  • Type: Online retailer
  • Location: ericro.store
  • Started in: January 2021
  • Products available: rocking chair for kids, bags, apparels, foldable treadmill, etc
  • Return policy: Within 14 days of receiving the product.
  • Country origin: United States
  • Standard shipping: worldwide shipping
  • Social media: provided but not accessible.
  • Payment methods: Paypal
  • Location address: not provided
  • Email address: ericro@yeah.net
  • Telephone: not provided

Pros of seeseabear.com

  •   Ericro store reviewssay that the domain name is secured. The domain name is HTTPS encrypted.
  • Product images are attractive.
  • Many products are provided under each category.
  • Factory promotion deals at exciting prices

Cons of seeseabear.com

  • The age of the domain is young, and it is just 18 days old.
  • There are no customer reviews provided on the site.
  • Social media accessibility is not provided on the site.
  • Only PayPal is given as the payment method.

Is ericro store legit or not?

How do you check a site’s legitimacy? It depends on various factors. Without limiting the area, never try purchasing from the site. Since there are various online shopping sites, there is a chance of getting trapped.

We checked the ericro store and found that the domain age is just 18 days old. Any domain age which is less than six months old can’t be trusted. So, the first factor says this site is not legit. The next thing to check was the social media presence. If you get to see only one payment method on the site, then you must step back from the site.

 Ericro store reviews also shows that there is only Paypal as a payment method. This is a warning signal too. Next factor we checked was the location address. If there is no location address on the site, it is a question of how to contact the concerned person of needed? Ericrow store doesn’t have any location address or telephone number.

We found social media icons are present on the site. But those icons are not accessible which is a warning signal that the site is not legit.

With these factors considered, we have an answer to your question, Is Ericro Store Legit. The answer is No!

What customers have to say? 

Do you know that customers and their reviews are very important for a business? The bad part was that we couldn’t find any reviews from the customer in the ericro site. This shows they don’t have any good feedback to share with other customers.

 The site is just 18 days old. This might be the reason for the absence of customer reviews. Sometimes things may improve with time.

Take away

Do you always consider shopping online? If yes, have you ever checked the site legitimacy before shopping? It is quite important to know if the site is good for shopping. By analyzing all the factors here, our Ericro store reviews suggest that the site is not legit.

Have you tried shopping at an ericro store? If yes, how was your experience? Share your thoughts with us here.

0 thoughts on “Ericro Store Reviews [Feb 2021] Legit one or Not Check

  1. Are you allowing pay pay to pay thru them for your store products like a baby rocker for total of 31.98 I just order one an the reviver read into it said it’s possible fraud please call me @ 22-334-8421 Maria Zamora

    1. I purchased the Baby Rocking Chair and said it was shipped and delivered and I have never received it yet.I go back to thier website and it’s gone. (Closed) I was ripped OFF

  2. Are you allowing PayPal to use you for a baby crate walking cradles through PayPal for 3198 because I purchased one through your company and PayPal charged it my receiver and friend said he would be fraud so please let me know by calling me at 2:10 334-8421 my name is Vicky Zamora my email is below

  3. I ordered a baby rocker from this website . The price was so low it looked way to good to be true . But against my better judgment I ordered anyways in case it was legit and they would run out . However , I’ve gotten zero responses about my order details and pay pal sent me package detailss that when I look up it says my package was already signed for and delivered to an address in Las Vegas when I live in LOUISIANA . This is a FRAUDULENT WEBSITE. Do not shop here . They don’t even respond to any emails which is their only way of contacting them

    1. I ordered one too and it says it was delivered to my house and I never got it either. I disputed the payment with paypal and they didn’t rule in my favor. 🙁

    2. I ordered this rocker also and have not received anything. Contacted the, via email and no response. I guess I will have my card dispute the charge and forget about it. What do you know about them.

    1. I have been scam out of 400 dollars worth of merchandise. This is ridiculous at a time like this. Iam an expecting mother out of money im hurt.

  4. They got me too mf’s ID have given them the money if they would have asked im more pissed about the time ive been waiting my son would love that thing

  5. They got me too on 2/18/21. All I got was confirmation of my order. Now website is gone!!! My package was delivered somewhere in San Francisco . I don’t live there I live in New York State. Wish I would have seen all the complaints before I ordered. Did anyone get a refund.

    1. I ordered swing also & pd for expedited delivery got email confirmation but nothing!! Site not available so upset what are options to deal with this fraudulent company?

  6. I ordered the baby rocker also on 2/16/21 and haven’t received it either. Website is gone!! I thought if I used my Pay Pal Account, it would be a legit purchase. I have an email from PayPal in regards to my order, so I continued to believe it was legit. Figured I’d give it some time to be delivered because of the recent snow storms in the South delaying things. Now going to contact Pay Pal to try to get a refund.

  7. Wow! We all ordered the same thing. 2-4-2021 ordered baby rocker as well. Got confirmation 7-12 day delivery. Then website unavailable no response to any of the emails I have sent. No refund, no rocker. Just wanted to add another reveiw to the list to try to warn people. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ERICRO. STORE! IT IS A SCAM, THEY ARE THIEVES! IT IS NOT LEGIT!

  8. I ordered the rocking chair also and it said it was delivered in another state. I am disputing with PayPal and they say they are reviewing and I should know by the 31st of March if they will refund my money.

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