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Erin Valenti Cause of Death {Aug} Read Here To Know!

In this write-up, we’ve mentioned all the information about the Erin Valenti Cause of Death.

Have you watched the film, Matrix of 1999? The sci-fi action film shocked the world in many ways. It depicts a computer programmer fighting against powerful computers in an underground war.

Released in the United States, the film shows the world trapped in a simulated reality. Many people saw this masterpiece as a well-woven film until the strange missing incident of Erin Valenti. Keep reading to know all the details on Erin Valenti Cause of Death.

Erin Valenti, a mystery

Born in 1986 in the city of New York, Erin Valenti was an enthusiastic child. She graduated with a Business Administration degree from Georgetown University. In 2011, she met her husband, Harrison Weinstein. Erin shifted to Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they founded Tinker Ventures.

But, after a series of strange events, she went missing. On 12th October 2019, her body was found in the back seat of her rental car. Her last words, ‘We are in the Matrix,’ puzzled everyone. Her autopsy identified an ‘acute maniac episode’ as per a recent report. However, it did not clearly explain what killed the 33-year-old Erin Valenti.

Erin Valenti Matrix

Erin Valenti won the women’s tech awards of 2019. Her company specialized in ‘mind reading’ wristband development that would connect human brains to computers.

Erin had a trip scheduled from Salt Lake City on 1st October. She was going to Orange County, where she will attend a seminar and stay for two days. Her next stop will be Silicon Valley to meet with her ex-colleagues and then fly back to Salt Lake City on the 7th of October. On the 7th, she would attend the awaited Women Tech Awards ceremony.

On the 7th, her life took a huge turn, and Erin Valenti Matrix story unfolded some strange events. After dinner with an ex-colleague, she informed her family that she would drive to the airport and take a flight back to Utah. While on her call with her mother, she tried to look for her rental car, which wasn’t at the spot she had parked. After a few minutes, she found her car. But soon, she began mumbling that the car had run out of gas, though it had been refuelled just 10 minutes ago. Her mother and husband continuously spoke with Erin over the call, as she sounded agitated.

Erin Valenti Cause of Death is still unknown to date. As per her mother’s statement, she recalled that Erin’s last words were weird. She said, ‘It’s a thought experiment. It is all game,’ she further added that we all are in Matrix.

Final Verdict 

Erin’s death was puzzling to everyone. Even though her car was found in the middle of a suburban area, it took five days to find her. Erin’s body did not show any signs of suicide or physical harm. Her autopsy confirmed her physical conditions as usual. There is speculation that Erin discovered something significant, so she was ‘deleted’. Read more here.

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