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Eswitch Reviews (Nov) About An Energy Tracking Device!

Eswitch Reviews (Nov) About An Energy Tracking Device! >> The write-up shares in-depth details about the energy saver gadget to help make the right buying decision.        

Eswitch Reviews: Do you want to track the energy consumption of your appliances? Are you looking for a gadget to make your home energy efficient? Eswitch brings the new and advanced IoT-based energy tracking device to make your home energy efficient by minimizing electricity wastage. 

Eswitch is a smart IoT-based energy tracking device with multiple configurations ranging from one switch point up to seven switches per board. It helps track the consumption of electricity of home appliances, electric equipment connected to the switchboard.

It uses eBots App installed on the Smartphone to track and monitor the energy consumption. The gadget is designed using cutting-edge energy optimization technology, and it is a very popular choice in the United Kingdom.

The device helps in getting monthly, weekly, and hourly consumption of energy. It is easy to use, and you have to turn it on with eBots App to make it work for your house.

What is Eswitch?

Eswitch is an advanced IoT-based energy tracking device that can monitor and track your house’s energy consumption on a weekly, hourly, and monthly basis. It is a smart device that comes with multiple configurations for one switch to seven switches

As per the Eswitch Reviews, the device can track and monitor energy consumption for bulbs, lights, fans, and other electronic equipment operated from the switchboard. It works in conjunction with the eBots App, and it keeps precise reports by tracking energy consumption. 

The device works using mobile internet and Wi-Fi technology for office and home. It monitors and defines the custom thresholds of energy usages and sends notifications to the Smartphone when the usage surpasses the set threshold. 

You can get the energy consumption report both in kWh and money value using the dedicated application. 


  • Configurations – One switch to seven switch configurations  
  • Amps – 6 Amps to 16 Amps
  • Sensors – It comes both with and without motion sensors
  • Dimmer – With and Without Dimmer       
  • Energy Consumption Units – kWh and money value with eBots App
  • Application Support – eBots Application
  • eBots App and Smart Eswitch Support for tracking equipment’s energy consumption
  • Reports – Monthly, Weekly, and Hourly basis reports

Please stay connected to know more about Eswitch Reviews through its pros and cons.

Pros of Eswitch

  • Multiple configurations available up to seven switches per board
  • Energy consumption tracking using eBots App and Smart eSwitch App
  • Suitable for all electronic appliances and equipment operated through the switchboard
  • 100% refund within 14 days of purchase
  • Operates using mobile internet and Wi-Fi technology 
  • Weekly, hourly and monthly reports 
  • Notifications and alerts on excessive usages of energy than the threshold limit

Cons of Eswitch

  • After evaluating, we have not found any Eswitch Reviews online other than one review on the website
  • Multiple switches required for tracking more than seven appliances
  • Custom option to set a threshold for energy consumption and it is not built-in 
  • Very little information available about the product online

Is Eswitch Legit or Scam?

The product’s legitimacy is evaluated based on multiple aspects, including customer reviews, product performance, and years in the market. Eswitch is a product which is not new as it has been in the market for more than three years.

Plus, it claims to track energy consumption and minimize wastage to reduce monthly electricity bills. However, the product lacks online reviews from verified customers. So, deep research is needed before buying it.

You must check the unbiased Eswitch Reviews online to have an idea about the product and its performance. Based on the research, you have to make the right buying decision and learn about its legitimacy.    

Customer’s Reviews

As mentioned, we have not found any reviews from the verified customers of Eswitch. After evaluating and analyzing, we have only found one review from the customer on the official website. We found no other sources from where you can get reviews from verified customers. 

Despite being a powerful energy saver device, it lacks getting responses from the customers in the United Kingdom and other nations. So, deep research is needed before buying the product. Customers must look for unbiased reviews before making the buying decision. 


Eswitch is the advanced IoT based energy tracking device that can track energy consumption and minimize energy waste. As a result, homeowners can see a decline in the monthly electricity bill. 

Despite being the best energy saver device, it is still struggling to garner responses and Eswitch Reviews from customers. It will be best if you do your research well before buying the product for your home. 

Please write your views and comments in the comments section below. 

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