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Why are European Baby Formulas Gaining in Popularity?

European Baby Formulas Gaining: Everyone knows that the most important thing for all babies during the first year of life is the love and attention of parents and a nutritious and healthy diet. Vitamins, minerals, and other elements are necessary for the baby’s growth and proper development.

Of course, breast milk is the best source of all the essential components, but sometimes it happens that natural feeding becomes impossible or does not provide the baby with all the necessary nutrients. And then baby formula comes to the rescue, which composition in terms of nutrients and their amount and quality ratio is quite close to the composition of breast milk. 

Every parent faced with the need to introduce milk formula into his or her baby’s diet is challenged by the variety of brands and names of baby food. It is not easy to navigate through all that the market has to offer. And at the same time, more and more parents prefer European baby formula worldwide for their little ones. So why is baby food from the EU gaining in popularity?

Choosing baby formula by composition and properties

Brand and price are essential but not the main factors in choosing baby food. As for price, there can be no clear-cut decision. There is an opinion that a more expensive product will be of higher quality by default. On the other hand, there are many examples where babies were better served by lower-cost baby food from local manufacturers. Parents should not forget that this product will have to be purchased regularly, and they should be able to do so.

In any case, selecting the right food is worth considering baby formula from reliable manufacturers, for example, popular products of European brands such as Holle, Kendamil, HiPP, Lebenswert, and Similac. 

But it is much more important to have a good understanding of the types of food. First, each age requires a specific composition. The highest requirements are placed on foods for newborns. The body of a newborn baby is still quite sensitive. Therefore, the composition of EU baby formulas is strictly regulated by law. Cow’s milk is the basis for infant formulas, which provide the body with calcium and valuable protein.

Organic baby food brands such as HiPP emphasize naturalness and use only closely controlled organic milk as the raw material for their baby milk formulas. The HiPP Organic label on baby food packages is a guarantee of top-quality products that meet the strictest requirements of European Union legislation on organic products.

Why is it worth trying a European baby formula?

There are so many brands of baby food, so which one should you choose for your baby? It all comes down to three simple concepts.

  • Organic products

With EU organic certification, baby formula meets high-quality standards. No harmful chemicals, sweeteners, or hormones are added to baby food. 

  • Quality products

 These days, most parents don’t pay attention to the label with the product’s composition. For a mom who cares about her baby’s health, HiPP guarantees high-quality ingredients: each product undergoes more than 260 quality tests.

  • Variety 

Every baby is unique in his or her nutritional needs and tastes. European brands manufacture each formula with a specific purpose and consider babies’ needs. 

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