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Everbele Reviews {March 2022} Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit?

Everbele Reviews helps to confirm the site’s authenticity by exploring all the specifications with other relevant details.

Do you also love to buy trendy and best-selling products like dresses, shoes, jumpsuits, tops, accessories, outwears? Are you also in search of websites that provide these items at affordable prices? This article will showcase all the details about Everbele.com as this website claims to provide good quality material at reasonable prices. So, should you trust this site? Many people from Spain and the United States are also confused. So go through the entire article based on Everbele Reviews without missing any detail to know the answer.

What is Everbele? 

Everbele.com claims to be an online shopping store that provides dresses, accessories, and other items related to women’s outfits. A good variety of products are being offered to the customers at affordable prices. The below are some ranges of products available at this store: 

  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Tops
  • Shoes.

By going through the above briefing, many buyers will feel fascinated to prefer this platform for their online shopping, but on the other side, you will also need to answer the question, “Is Everbele Legit?

Let us explore its specifications first.


  • Domain Name – Everbele.com
  • Official link – https://www.everbele.com/.
  • Domain creation date – It was was created around 2 months back (7th September 2021).
  • Shipping time – the process to ship the product will be 1 to5 business days.
  • Delivery time – within 2 weeks.
  • Return Policy – giving 20-days return policy.
  • Order cancellation – available within 24 hours.
  • Email – service@everbele.com.
  • Contact details like number and address are not mentioned anywhere on this website.
  • Payment options – Visa, Maestro, PayPal, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover.

Before exploring Everbele Reviews in detail, let us discuss some Pros and Cons of this website.

Pros of using Everbele.com: 

  • Customers can avail a good range of products from this website.
  • Phishing score, threatening score, spam score are on the lower side.
  • We can see that this company follows HTTPS as a protocol.
  • SSL is also valid.
  • There are many coupons and sales available.
  • Various policies like order cancellation, delivery policy, and return policy are public.

Cons of using Everbele.com: 

  • The Alexa rank obtained by Everbele.com is inferior.
  • The website was officially created around 2 months ago.
  • Contact details and owner details are not mentioned.

 Let us discuss some legitimacy points in detail.

Is Everbele Legit? 

The most crucial task before shopping from a new website is to check its legitimacy and authenticity. There are many fraud websites in the market, so you should be aware of them. It would help if you did not get fascinated by the offers and coupons provided by these websites. Read the following legitimacy points of this website and confirm its worthiness:

  • Everbele.com is a recently created website that was officially created on 7th September 2021. So, this is a young website.
  • The social media links that are provided on the website are fake.
  • The Alexa score obtained by the site is inferior.
  • There are no Everbele Reviews present either on the official site or other review platforms.
  • That trust rank obtained by this site is 65%.
  • The Physical address and contact number are not mentioned on the official website.
  • The webpage looks plagiarized as the images and details are found similar to many other websites.

 As from the above factors we are not finding any last decision for our conclusion as the many factors are opposing this website and some are favouring, so let us endorse customer reviews in detail.

Everbele Reviews 

Customer reviews play a vital role in verifying the legitimacy of a new website. Before buying any product from a site, you should always check its customer reviews to see whether the product is legit or not. But after our research, we are bound to guide our customers by saying that we could not get any customer reviews for this site. 

So, for now, we can say that you can shop from this site, but you need to do your research too. 

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As per our conclusion for Everbele Reviews, is that all the necessary details are missing like reviews and the contact information, but still trust score is favoring this site so this site is looking dubious. So, we recommend shopping from trusted websites online.

Did you like this article based on Everbele helpful? If yes, please provide your valuable feedback in the below comment section. 

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