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Everyleagalvote Com {Nov} Read On Fraud In The Election!

Everyleagalvote Com {Nov} Read On Fraud In The Election! >> If you think that fraud & malpractices are involved in 46 presidential elections, read review.

In the United States, everyone is talking about the results of the presidential election. According to the data, there is news worldwide that Joe Biden has won the 46th presidential elections.

Read this article on ‘Everyleagalvote Com.’ The Trump followers and citizens of the country believe that some frauds and malpractices are involved in counting the electoral votes due to which the data is wrong. 

This article will share a website that is the outcome of an American citizen’s efforts to reveal the truth. The website makers believe that some country officials are taking advantage of their power and making Joe Biden the president, without having maximum votes and support.  

What is the website?

The website is a small effort by the United States citizens to uncover the frauds and malpractices performed in the presidential election this year. People are also searching the website as ‘Everyleagalvote Com,’ where the spelling legal is wrong.

The makers think the rules and guidelines are violating while counting the votes, and many officials and the media is involved and using their power in the wrong way to make Biden the president. The fraud is still getting detected, and the cases of fraud might increase further on the website.

Source of information

According to many sources, the website’s data includes the US census, the US elections project, the associated press, judicial watch, and Americans’ frog stories.

What does the website data show?

According to the data available on the website ‘Everyleagalvote Com,’ the election’s current status is that Joe Biden is winning in 214 constituencies, and Donald Trump is winning in 232 constituencies. The fraud got detected in counting the votes in states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Fraud primer:

According to the website, the fraud and malpractices are real, and it took place in many states during the elections. According to the polls, the number of blue cities is higher, but the website suspects that the fraud took place almost in every country.

There are various reasons according to the website ‘Everyleagalvote Com due to which we can say that during the 46 presidential elections, there were frauds in every state. The reasons include: stopping the count, no witness allowed, mail-in ballots, changing the votes, hundred percent voters, imbalance votes, ballot mishandling, media fraud, dead people voting, and statistical analysis.

What is fraud disaggregation?

The fraud disaggregation process involves using statistical methods and using several voting patterns to document the mathematical techniques to reveal the votes and ballot’s fraud and tampering.


The final line says that the website aims to bring out the election system’s loopholes and know the frauds and malpractices in the elections. The ‘Everyleagalvote Com’ makers think that many malpractices took place to make Biden win the polls.    

Therefore, the website analyzes all the states’ data to bring out the fraud patterns and know who won the election.

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  1. I won’t every legal vote counted & all illegal votes cast out and whoever is the winner be our next President

  2. Isn’t there a way Trump can get this election cast out and get the people a new election that can be protected from fraud.

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