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Evstree Reviews (July 2020)- Is It Legit Or Scam?

Evstree Reviews (July 2020)- Is It Legit Or Scam? >> In this article, the customers are informed about the perks of adding party products at any venue.

How about planning a party at home with the best party decorators? Well, Evstreehas different variety in disposable party decorators that can let your plan the party more joyfully.

Evstree has a different range in party décor products like disposable paper towel cup, mermaid birthday party supplies, disposable napkins, etc. that can make the place look more ambient and well-organized. The homeowners plan to plan a party soon to check Evstree Reviews and get to know the kind of party decorators available here.

People are planning to arrange a party inside their homes in the United States, like having the best and innovative products. For these homeowners, buying printed tissue papers, disposable paper towel cups, etc. is ideal for making their party look more appealing.

Whether you are planning to throw a birthday party or a wedding, you can always make the place look more beautiful by using the right party décor products. If you plan to hold an event, buying party supplies is an ideal way to uplift the place’s overall look.

The facts and products mentioned in this review will help you to know Is Evstree Legit. 

What is Evstree?

Evstree is a leading seller of the latest, and much liked party décor items that are mostly used while organizing parties.

The types of designs available at Evstree are innovative and colourful. The shoppers can get several kinds of products that can enhance the overall look of the place much. Getting décor items for baby shower function or the birthday of your children are some of the ways to feel delighted.

But once refer to the Evstree Reviews to check the benefits of buying these home décor items.

Why is Evstree unique?

Evstree sells all products related required at the party. Balloons, party decorators, disposable tableware, paper towel, straws, are presented for sale at Evstree. 

Moreover, the company don’t take any charges for shipping the ordered products to its customers.

Specifications of Evstree.com:

  • Product: Party décor items
  • Website: https://www.evstree.com/
  • Email: support@evstree.com
  • Parent company: Elstree 
  • Address: Townline Road, NY 14422 United States
  • Contact number: (216) 849-8298
  • Delivery time: almost 3-8 business days
  • Shipping fee: Free shipping
  • Exchange: available 
  • Returns: within 15 days 
  • Refunds: in a few days 
  • Mode of payment- PayPal only

Pros of buying from Evstree.com 

  • Different home décor items

  • Colourful designs in tissue papers 
  • Monthly subscription 
  • Customers can avail free shipping

Cons of buying from Evstree.com:

  • Zero details about the company 
  • Different facts presented on the “About Us” section 
  • No Evstree Reviews
  • No social presence 

Is Evstree Legit?

Panning a party can become relatively quickly, in case you landed at the wrong website to buy party décor products. In case you look to bring down the overall cost by significant dollars, then looking for the right platform is vital.

But as compared to the other websites offering home décor items, planning to purchase from Evstree might disappoint you. There is just a limited range of the products available at Evstree. Even the rates of some disposable home décor products are on a higher side.

But before you plan to buy from Evstree, it is imperative to check Is Evstree Legit.

What do people say about Evstree.com?

Along with offering the best food, drinks, entertainment, etc. to the guests, you need to create a welcoming environment that can let your guests enjoy to the fullest.

Evstree looks like an excellent place to shop party décor products. Even the customer care here is available 24/7; the tentative shoppers can drop an email to the team sharing their questions and queries.

But there are just handful products available at Evstree. Also, no Evstree Reviews might act as a hurdle in paying the amount to buy products here.

So we think that you need to invest your time and efforts somewhere instead of buying from Evstree.

Final Verdict:

If you are planning a party soon, you must be determined regarding the kind of theme you will have at the venue. But in case you think of buying disposable party décor products like balloons, napkins, tissue papers, etc. from Evstree, then rethink.  

Only 8-10 home décor products are available for sale at Evstree. Also, Evstree has not mentioned anything about its inception, vision, etc. that can make any company look more reliable.

So we think that you must look for home décor products somewhere else.

0 thoughts on “Evstree Reviews (July 2020)- Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. This site is a total scam. I am in the middle of a dispute right now. Seller Beth Parry (pretty sure is fake name) provided a ups tracking number that belongs to someone else in the town I live in. The weight show to be 1/2 lb. My order is for a twin sized loft bed frame. If you look up the address and get a picture of where this place is supposedly located it will give you a big clue. I was up late shopping and tired – should not have been placing orders that late.

  2. Def. a scam. I was unfortunately duped, too. I did, however, get his email attached to his paypal account, so I’ve been emailing him and sending paypal requests for money daily. hbefy783j@sina.cn Just in case anyone else who gets scammed wants to email directly as well, especially since the one on the evstree website is fake.

  3. I am in a dispute with the Seller Beth Parry as well. E-mail address is not the same name. The item purchased was an air conditioner, shipped “media” which is not true. I can’t find an address for where this item was shipped from, no information on the seller is given.

  4. I was also scammed. Her name was Beth Stevens in my transaction. I had the same fake UPS tracking number provided. I also had a weight of .5 lbs when i ordered a huge pool. I am fighting with PayPal now to get my money back.

  5. Same scam on patio furniture through Sears.com; although I was fortunate in protecting my PayPal payment through my credit card company so they did not get my payment. I opened up a US Postal Inspection law enforcement case and advise you to do the same to put these scammers behind prison bars! My clue was when the USPS delivery notification indicated the delivery was made the day BEFORE I made my order. Although the tracking number showed a delivery to the same city, so I would not be surprised if they have somehow hacked into the USPS tracking system to find tracking #s that match our delivery locations!

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