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How to Extract Text from PDF Online and Offline for Free

Adobe designs the PDF file format to present documents and protect data from being tampered with. It is hard to change the text, font, images, and other information in a fixed-layout PDF file. Therefore, many schools, offices, and governments widely use it as a professional and official file format. But what should you do if you must correct errors and edit some content in a non-editable PDF file? Do you know how to extract text from PDF files? 

Of course, you can re-edit it simply by copying and pasting it. But the situation gets complicated if your PDF files are compounded with images, tables, and other non-linear data. You may lose the PDF file’s original formatting by copying and pasting it. Therefore, this article will show you how to extract text from a PDF online and offline for free without losing formatting.

How Can I Extract Text from a PDF using WorkinTool?

WorkinTool PDF Converter is an all-in-one PDF converter, reader, and editor. It equips all the features you need to process PDF files. In addition, it is a versatile program that you can use entirely for FREE. All the features, regular and advanced, are free to use. There is no license payment, paid ads, or free trial period. 

You can consider the question of extracting text from PDF as how to extract text from PDF to Word because it is easy to read, edit, and copy the text in a Word file. Read on to gain the desktop tool and the online PDF to Word converter.

Extract Text with WorkinTool Offline

  • Step 1: Open WorkinTool PDF Converter desktop version.
  • Step 2: Select PDF to Word in the dropdown menu of Convert to/from PDF and upload your PDFs.
  • Step 3: Click Convert to start converting the PDF to Word.

Copy Text from PDF to Word Online

  • Step 1: Enter the WorkinTool PDF Converter online website and click on PDF to Word to upload your PDF files.
  • Step 2: After uploading a file, press the Convert button to start converting your file.
  • Step 3: Hit Download to save the converted files to your local space.

Why Use WorkinTool PDF Converter?

There is a plethora of image and PDF-to-text converters on the market. Why WorkinTool PDF Converter wins much popularity? Here are the specific reasons.

Online and Offline Versions 

WorkinTool PDF Converter offers you the perfect solution, whether online or offline. All the features are free and straightforward to use. You can even find many valuable tools like PDF to Word, PDF OCR, and Image to Text online.

Powerful Features

  • Batch processing: You can extract text from multiple PDF files simultaneously. Just upload your PDFs and click on Convert, and all the PDFs will be converted in a batch with a few clicks.
  • Multiple conversions: This PDF-to-text converter allows you to extract text from PDF to Word. In addition, you can transform your PDF files into or from multiple formats, including Image, HTML, Excel, and PPT.
  • Complete editing functions: In addition to the basic conversion features, you can also edit PDF files in this software. All the elements are simple to use, and there is no need to learn, which will save you time and energy and promote productivity to a large extent.

High-quality Output 

This PDF converter will let you know how to extract text from PDF without losing formatting. All the formatting will be kept well, including the tables, links, excels, pictures, and structures. What’s more, if you want to compress a PDF or change it to an image, the resolution will not decrease. There is no visual difference from the original file.

How to Extract Text from PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a professional PDF reader and editor. Since Adobe creates the PDF file format, it endows Acrobat DC with multiple editing features, such as converting, creating, editing, and reading PDFs. Like WorkinTool PDF Converter, Adobe Acrobat DC can also convert PDF files to multiple formats, including docx, xlsx, pptx, jpeg, html, and more. With this handy tool, you will know how to extract text from a PDF file in a convenient way anytime and anywhere.

Steps on copying PDF text with Acrobat DC

  • Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat and click on Export PDF.
  • Step 2: Select a PDF file and export it as a Microsoft Word document.

Comparison of the Two Converters

WorkinTool PDF Converter Adobe Acrobat DC
Pricing Free $14.99/mo (7-day free trial)
Batch processing Available Unavailable
Supported OS Windows Windows & Mac
Online version Available Available
Features Multiple Multiple

Summing up

At last, you may now know how to extract text from PDF to Word. The steps are pretty easy and more reliable than directly extracting text by copying and pasting. No matter which one you choose, WorkinTool PDF Converter online, offline, and Adobe Acrobat DC, you can get a perfect result and don’t need to be worried about losing formatting.

However, it should be noted that Adobe Acrobat DC is paid software. You must pay monthly to enjoy its features if you’re a long-term PDF-to-text converter user. If you don’t mind the price, Adobe Acrobat DC is indeed a good choice. If you want to use all the features for FREE, feel at ease giving WorkinTool PDF Converter a try.

Now pick the one you prefer and start extracting text today!

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