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Which Extreme Sport is Right for You?

If you have always been a bit of a daredevil, you might have decided it’s time to take up a new hobby in an extreme sport. With so many different extreme sports to choose from, we have put together a guide to which extreme sport is right for you.

Best sports for water lovers

If you are someone who has always enjoyed being in water, there are a number of water based extreme sports that might be worth giving a go. Whilst it is possible to take up a more simple water sport like swimming or water polo, these activities won’t provide you with the same adrenaline rush and experience as more extreme sports. Here are two extreme sports ideal for water lovers. 

  • Scuba diving- an excellent extreme sport for waterlovers is scuba diving. A mode of underwater diving which involves the use of breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply. For many people, the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about scuba diving is the great barrier reef, however, the UK should not be overlooked. Some may be surprised to learn that the UK’s marine environment can actually rival some of the best in the world.
  • Canoeing– Another interesting watersports activity is canoeing which involves paddling a canoe boat using a single-bladed paddle. The great thing about this activity is that it is practically limitless when it comes to where you can paddle. Canoeing allows you to explore canals, rivers, lakes and even the sea meaning you get to see amazing coastlines and landscapes from a whole new perspective. 

Best sports for nature lovers

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, observing wild animals and plants, there are a number of extreme sporting activities that will make excellent recreational pastimes for you. Whether you want to explore the world from a different perspective or get down and dirty with nature itself, these two hobbies might be worth giving a go:

  • Mountaineering- If open water doesn’t appeal to you and you feel much more at home on land, why not take up mountaineering? This outdoor activity involves climbing and descending tall mountains. The reason so many people enjoy this sport is because it is challenging yet rewarding. You get to experience the incredible beauty of nature whilst learniatience, persistence and gratitude. The best part about mountaineering is you can work your way up and set goals for yourself, aiming to climb taller, harder mountains each year. If you want to get into climbing but don’t live near a mountain, or the weather has taken a turn for the worse, there are plenty of indoor climbing and bouldering centres across the UK which offer courses to help teach you the necessary skills.
  • Caving- Another popular extreme sport for nature enthusiasts is caving, also known as potholing in the UK and spelunking in the USA. This recreational pastime involves exploring wild cave systems offering a unique outdoor activity, exploration and physical exercise. The problem is, rescuing people from underground is difficult and time consuming and most importantly requires a certain level of skill and experience. Therefore, if you choose to get into caving, it is recommended that you go with a guide and work your way up to harder caving systems over time. 

Best sports for adrenaline junkies

An adrenaline junkie is a phrase used to describe people who take a thrill from participating in high risk activities that generate an adrenaline rush. Other terms for these people include sensation seekers, adventurers and thrill seekers. Whilst some people are happy enough getting an adrenaline rush from roller coasters, some people want to take their adrenaline experience to the next level. A sudden release of adrenaline into your bloodstream prepares your body for a “fight or flight” response. Adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) is a hormone generated by your adrenal glands to help you prepare for stressful or dangerous situations.

  • Skydiving- a favourite sport amongst thrill seekers is skydiving. This activity is a method of transitioning from a high point in the sky, back down to the surface of Earth with the air of gravity, only controlling your speed during the descent through the use of a parachute.One of the biggest adrenaline rushes a person may have is skydiving, which causes a wide range of sensations in the body, including nervousness, excitement, anxiety, and relief. This sport is not for the faint hearted.

Life insurance for extreme sports

Anyone who regularly takes part in extreme sports should consider taking out a life insurance policy that covers these activities. Due to extreme sports leading to an increased risk of injury and death, a life insurance policy is more relevant than ever if you want peace of mind knowing your loved ones are financially protected should the worst happen. In a life insurance policy, you and the insurer agree to pay a specific beneficiary a certain amount of money in the event of the insured person’s passing.

As an individual who participates in an extreme sport, you may be interested in specialist life cover to ensure you have the right level of protection for your activities and at the best rates. If so, it may be worth speaking to an expert like Sports Financial Services who can offer you specialist advice and help you through the insurance application process. 

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