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Face Mask Cop Sirim {April 2022} Know it Better Here!

This news is about the requirement of a new mask developed for protecting people in 2023 with Face Mask Cop Sirim.

Are you searching for the best Mask that can reduce the risk of unsafe measures? Do you want to know the new Mask tested by international labs? If yes, know more below about the product!

People from Malaysia have searched for the new Mask tested by a large and certified company. In addition, the Mask runs upon the International standard of product maintenance and research.

Read below more about the protections and benefits provided by the Face Mask Cop Sirim in rough times of infectious environments.

Specifications of the product

SIRIM face mask is manufactured and supplied by QAS in the international market to protect society and during industrial pandemic days. The quality of the product is certified to be healthy regularly as it can perform on large-scale respiratory standards.

In April 2022, the product under the nonmedical trade is described as relevant and of superior quality. It is proved by the domestic trade and consumer affairs department. The order for the product was planned to release on 4th July 2022.

Let us read about the environmental benefits of Face Mask Cop Sirim.

Benefits and features of the Mask

The new SIRIM mask is prepared locally and imported to International trade as there is an immense benefit for this quality of the product. Some of the benefits noted during the survey are as given below:-

  • The Mask prepared on local ground consumes less rate of manufacturing and acts as a budgeted product for every citizen.
  • The Mask is rectified as an economical and environmentally safe product.
  • The quality rectified by the PPE rates it 9.
  • Easily disposed and have superior competitive age in the national trade.
  • It does not contract with airborne particles.
  • The Face Mask Cop Sirim is best for the complete respiratory process and health care maintenance.

Procedure to wear

  • Users can regularly use the Mask as a thin form sheet under the respiratory cover.
  • An individual can double The Mask and wear it with regular sanitized wash.

Why is the SIRIM mask trending?

The Mask’s sustainability and personal certification were tested in the laboratories. As per international standards, it protects the individual from industrial pollution and disinfecting in daily life.

Now, the Sirim mask is prepared on a large scale. The PPE industry has also provided product supplies to local vendors.

FAQ on Face Mask Cop Sirim 

Q- Is the Mask available in local shops?

After completing the production in July, the Mask will be available on every local store and online portal for purchase.

Q- Is it made up of top-quality fabric?

A- Yes, after testing in the laboratory and being certified, this Mask can be used for complete protection from the inflammated air.


In conclusion, we would state that the Sirim mask has been certified by QAS and approved by the MSK as a certified factor for safety. The competitive marks provide better industrial and healthcare prevention results to maintain this standard quality.

Have you reported on the PPE industry?

Comment your opinions on Face Mask Cop Sirim!

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