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Feastables .com Reviews {Feb 2022} Check If It Is Legit?

The motto of this article is to clear out the droughts of the readers by initiating proper Feastables .com Reviews.  

Chocolate lovers, there is good news for you. 

You love chocolates. But do you want chocolate with experiences with “Gamified”? An online store offers several “Gamified” chocolates for you. You can taste the chocolate and enjoy it with your family as well.

The name of this website is- Feastables .com.  Since its opening the market, it has been famous in India and the United States. Many people have started buying chocolates from the website already. 

But we should explore some data about this online store by doing the proper Feastables .com Reviews.

About Feastables.com

The website is launched by the famous “YouTuber” Jimmy Donaldson. The person is also celebrated with his nickname “Mr Beast”. 

The intention of Mr Beast was clear. He wants to provide high categories snacks and chocolate to the customers. 

As per our research, the website offers healthy and gluten-free chocolate bars to customers. Initially, the website offers four types of chocolates. 

But gradually, customers will get more flavours. The website is also famous in the United Kingdom. Many people buy chocolate from the site. 


  • The Date of Domain- 07.11.2000
  • Website Link– https://feastables.com
  • Official Location– Office address is not published on the site. 
  • Contact Information- As per Feastables .com Reviews, just a text number is given for communication
  • The Products- Almond chocolate, Original Chocolate, Quinoa Crunch Chocolate etc. 
  • Rules of Delivery: You can order straightly from the online preference. The product will deliver within 15-20 minutes. 
  • Delivery Charges – Free shipping at 30 bars.
  • Return Norms- The return for these items are not available as these are perishable items.
  • The Refund possibilities: The refund policy is not mentioned on the website. 
  • Payment Methods- Direct payment option. 
  • Availability on Social Media: Yes, social media channels are available. 
  • Return Process- The return terms are not mentioned over the website.

Why Do YOU Buy from the Store?

We need to discover the following understanding and determination before exploring Feastables .com Reviews.

  1. The website offers excellent kinds of chocolate bars to customers.
  2. These chocolates are unique.
  3. Chocolates are gluten-free and healthy.
  4. The website offers various types of chocolates.
  5. You can order the chocolate quickly.
  6. The price of chocolate is not very high.
  7. Contest for buyers available.

The reasons for not buying

We need to check the cons of buying from this website. Our survey says.

  1. Unfortunately, some information is missing to give you a clear idea about the website.
  2. The contact address is not precise.

Let us explore the legitimacy of the website before exploring the Feastables .com Reviews in detail.

Legitimacy Factors

Many people can ask- is the site legit or not? For this reason, we dig out much information about the site that can prove the website’s legitimacy. 

  • HTTPS Protocols: As per our research, the website has authentic HTTPS protocols. Also, we don’t find any “Blacklist” protocols.
  • Domain Date- As per the domain date is very old. It was created on 7 November 2000.
  • Is Active on Social Platforms– As per our survey, the website is active on social media platforms. You can search their Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • The Founder’s Details: We found the founder’s details. As per our survey and Feastables .com Reviewswe know the founder of this site is Jimmy Donaldson. 
  • Contact Legitimacy – we are unable to find any contact details only you can text on “69420” as per the official site.
  • Trust Matter: The trust score matter is around 86 per cent. That is fantastic and trustable.
  • Address Legitimacy: No, address is mentioned on the official website. Moreover, we are also unable to fetch any details for the same.
  • Policies – The policies are mentioned so that you can visit the FAQ section of the portal to clarify all your doubts for different policies, like return, replace, shipping, etc.

Feastables .com Reviews

As customer reviews are very essential for making any website legit. Indeed, we don’t find any eligible customer’s feedback on the site. 

But from the other authentic sources, we find very positive reviews about the site. Many customers have stated that they delivers good and qualitative product. Many positive reviews can also be fetched from the social media accounts. 

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As per our case study for this website, we can say that the website is not a scam. We have researched the Feastables .com Reviews in a very constructive manner. 

But unfortunately, the website doesn’t disclose much important information about the website. So, we suggest that you do all the possible checks just before buying from the site. 

You can check the official website of Feastables for better knowledge.

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Do you ever buy from the website? What was your experience?

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