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Ffaultlesss com Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order?

Ffaultlesss com Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order? -> The website has a range of playsets, seckill, trampoline, kids pools, air beds, and furniture.

Ffaultlesss com Reviews is on your mind! Do you think you are stuck with both sided reviews? Then read the entire content and decide you should shop from here or not.

The website provides a range of playsets, seckill, trampoline, kids pools, air beds, and furniture. All the pictures appear so tempting and fantastic for the kids. Also, the furniture looks so good and safe for the kids.

Taking about the price range, the website offers it appears worth trying. So the products displayed on the site look authentic and of a good brand.

The website delivers in countries like the United State and more.

However, it becomes more of a responsibility to know more about the website before actually investing in shopping from it. Nowadays, many sites do not deliver the products and, even at times, provide low-quality products.

So read till the end to know more about the site.

What is the Ffaultlesss com?

It is a website for kids playing and furniture accessories. It displays an extensive collection of playsets, seckill, trampoline, kids pools, air beds, and furniture.

Each of the section has multiple options in display and are offered at a very fair price as per the quality it shows.

Their orders get delivered from the countries they Hav alliance of stores like in China, India, Thailand depending upon which product is made by that particular country.

Further, the shipping usually takes 7-12 days, but sometime it might take longer this is what they claim over the site.

They provide international shipping worldwide whose charges are not specified as flat, neither it is free.

Precise in details about the Ffaultlesss com:

  • Website- The website mainly has things for kids like playsets, seckill, trampoline, kids pools, air beds, and furniture.
  • Shipping charge and time- It takes 7 to 12 days to deliver; however, slight delays are possible.
  • Return- It accepts returns, but no exchanges are accepted for now. Return can be processed before 50 days, and if the product is not defective shipping charge will apply else will not be applicable and will be refunded with the amount if paid.
  • Contact details of the website- 
  • Email: email@customerservicebest.com
  • Address or phone details: Not mentioned
  • Payment- The site takes only payment by cards and no COD.

Pros about shopping on Ffaultlesss:

  • It shows an extensive collection of needed air furniture, beds, and pools for the kids
  • It accepts returns within 50 days.
  • It provides a shipping refund of the defective product too. 

Cons about shopping on Ffaultlesss:

  • No option is found for COD during checkout.
  • It does not have any clarity over shipping charges.
  • It also does not accept any exchange for the products.

Is Ffaultlesss com a legit or just like wasting money?

Ffaultlesss com Reviews are less on the internet, and hence concussing over them is a little harsh. Although, the site appears legit and depicts its Facebook existence too. So it must not be an entire scam kind of thing. 

Although every site has some delivery issues and delays, a few more in-depth details must be looked for to satisfy before ordering anything.

But the main thing that bothers you is not many contact details are specified except the email. That too does not has the main website domain or anything.

What do consumers reveal about the Ffaultlesss com?

The portal undoubtedly has a good collection of air beds and furniture besides pools and trampolines etc. 

Everybody is talking about the collection it displays; however, the reviews do not give much clarity to whether to buy from it.

Final Conclusion:

There are many websites exclusively for the kids offering multiple products. But this one has an exclusive collection in specific areas for the kids. The products like pools, air beds, and furniture is different and appear of good quality.

However, the website lacks the contact details section and even does not reveals the name of the brand it has an alliance with. It gives the buyer satisfaction if one knows which leading company or area the product is going to come from.

So with a lack of any rigid information, doubts might appear in minds. Hence the shopping becomes dicey. Otherwise, the website has everything everyone looks to buy.

The site has its Facebook appearance as well as its products. But still, some doubts do not go off the mind and needs some more clarity.

0 thoughts on “Ffaultlesss com Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order?

  1. I made a purchase and within no time I had alerts on my Mastercard. I hadn’t used my card for some time, I make a purchase with them and then I have $120.65 and another charge of $130.14 I was alerted and had my card blocked. I will be calling my Master Card Company up in the morning. I believe the company is Fraud. There is no phone number. I sent them an e-mail and they have not replied. Their email is email@customerservicebest.com I will keep you posted but you know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. The company appears to have just started in June. I saw their facebook page and looked them up on the computer and they also had adds on marketplace. They are advertising free shipping.

  2. It appears to be a Fraud site. I have received no tracking number yet and they took the total that was to my mastercard, split the order for the two items and overcharged. My mastercard company blocked the second one from going through but the first amount went through. I was told to wait the month out if I do not receive my merchandise or a tracking number the credit card company will take action on my behalf. I do not recommend that anyone orders from this company as it appears to be a hoax. They will not respond to my e-mail and there is no phone number. Draw your own conclusions. I will advise you that if you want to take your chances then go through paypal. I never knew they could change the amount of a sale once they have your credit card. My company told me that when you give your number out to someone you are taking the chance that the company is legit, they can do what they want with your information and if they are not legit you have to go after them.

  3. Waiting on my pool order on the 16th I have not heard and can’t get in touch with them either!

  4. This web site is definitely a scam.
    Embarrassingly I ordered from them and thank God MasterCard was on it. When charged from the UK started hitting my card, MasterCard denied the charges. The charges did not match the price of anything I attempted to purchase. They didn’t charge the total amount of my order just a random amount. BUT, the scam is pretty deep, what they do is charge you knowing a charge from another country might be caught and take your attention to look for more of these charges, and they will attempt many tries but what they do is immediately charge you from another state in the US, in my case just over $300. Those two charges went thru, (of which my bank reclaimed for me).
    But it’s the decoy charges they depend on so you don’t notice the local charges until it’s too late.
    At the direction of MasterCard canceled my card and got a new card, new number, new pin and the same day I received the new card they tried to charge it ten times. They somehow using my address got right into my new card. I noticed the other “local charges” and stopped them and they got anything from me. Let me add that I even used the scam’s web site to canceled my order and yeah you guessed it, it did nothing. At the end of the day what I had to do was cancel my bank account and open a new account with all new cards. With the bank and MasterCard aware of this web site and their scam haven’t had any other issues.
    Advise is stay away from this site, I have had to not only start a new bank account but my mortgage, car loan, cell phone, insurances, and so on, all have to be revisited and updated, just a big hassle.
    Bottom line, if it seems to good to be true it usually is. First the items these guys promoted would cost more to ship than they were charging for them, they claimed they were going out of business but were not sold out of anything, that’s two flags to notice.
    My advise is research, look for reviews on the web site, I hit it when it first came out and there were no positive cases of what a scam this is.
    SO I AM TELLING YOU NOW STAY AWAY FROM FFAULTLESSS.COM and save yourself a huge headache.

      1. I’ve been waiting since June 16th for our pool. It says that it’s in Custom Tax Declaration. I’ve emailed many times, still no response, no tracking number.
        Very frustrating

  5. I very been waiting on my pool for over a month now and I have yet to receive a tracking number or an email as to where my merchandise is located I would be very angry if this is a scam as I’m purchasing this pool for my son.

  6. We ordered June 12,2020 and still have gotten our pool. We haven’t seen or been alerted with any issues with our credit card. Just the one time 89.00 for the pool thank the lord. Good to know this now. Thanks for everyone leaving comments now we know why we’ve been waiting four months and no pool

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