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Filepursuit .Com- Explore The Legitimacy Of Filepursuit Website

This post will discuss various details about Filepursuit .com. So read the following article till the end.

Do you want to search files? Are you looking for legitimate platform to find a specific file? There are already many platforms that allow users to search their files for free. Filepursuit is an online platform where users Worldwide can search their files. a site promises to find a specific file by entering the details. In this article you will know about the Filepursuit website, so be in touch with us till the end.

Let’s begin this content on Filepursuit .com.

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Is Filepursuit a legitimate site?

As this site performs a unique function of fetching files online. You can find your file by entering specific details. It’s important to know if the site is genuine or not. So below we will mention some basic legitimacy points which can help you to find this.

  • Registration date: The Filepursuit website was registered on 27 September 2016. 
  • Expiry date: The Filepursuit website will expire on 27 September 2027. 
  • Trust score: The Filepursuit site has received an excellent trust rate of 93%. 
  • Filepursuit reviews: The website app has mixed reviews and 3.9 rating on the Google Play Store. 

Filepursuit Website: How to use?

To use the Filepursuit website you have to first visit the Filepursuit official website. Although the steps are very easy here we are elaborating on each step so that it becomes easy for all the readers to understand the use of Filepursuit. So follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Filepursuit website.

Step 2: Enter the file name. 

Step 3: After entering the file name, select any category in the below box. The categories include videos, ebooks, Audio, Mobile apps, etc. You have to select any one among these.

Step 4: Now, in Filepursuit .com you have to click on the search button.

Step 5: Then you will see a “Sort By” option, where you have to select the date, size, or name accordingly.

Step:6 Now, click on the search option and you will see various files from which you can select the desired one.

Filepursuit Website How to use


How to submit the files?

You can also submit the files on this website. You can do this through the Submit option. In the top right corner, you will see three horizontal lines (the menu button) through which you can reach the submit option of Filepursuit .com. In the menu bar, you will see a “+Submit” option. Click on the +submit option, you will see a form. Enter the details like Name, Email Address, File name, and File Link. In the file name, you have to write the name you want to give to your file. In the file link space, you have to paste the link, domain, or website of the File. 

In a nutshell

Visit this link for more details on the Filepursuit website.

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Filepursuit .com: Frequently asked questions 

Q1. What is Filepursuit?

Ans. Filepursuit is an online website that allows users to search files online. You just have to enter the details and you can access the file.

Q2. Is the Filepursuit site legit or fake?

Ans. As the site is 5-6 years old and has an excellent trust rate, the site seems trustworthy.

Q3. Do this site work?

Ans. Yes, the site works appropriately. You have to enter the details asked in the platforms and as a result, you can see the various files.

Q4. How old is Filepursuit Website?

Ans. The filepursuit site is more than six years old.

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