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Filepursute.Com: Check If It Is Legit Or Scam, Also Read Its Reviews Here!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Filepursute.com to know its features and legitimacy.

Filepursute is a domain parking website accessed in India. Did you know that FilepursuIt.com is a popular website and Android app? Did you know that Filepursute takes advantage of similar spelling and URLs to increase the viewer count? What does the website deal with? What is domain parking? What are the features of Filepursute?

Get answers to all your questions below and know the website’s authenticity in this Filepursute.com review.

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About Filepursute:

As a domain parking website, Filepursute acts as a search engine that has default search results for:

  1. Battleship Potemkin,
  2. Poltergeist,
  3. Road to Bali,
  4. Twin Dragons, and
  5. They Say.

User search criteria are not allowed. Instead, all three topics redirect the users to incrediblesearches.com, searchanswers.net, gotquestion.com, and searchvital.com. 

These four websites host news and knowledge-based articles. Irrespective of the links clicked on Filepursute, the users need to reenter their search topics on the four websites mentioned earlier. However, searchvital.com and incrediblesearches.com use a less secure HTTP protocol.

The four websites may not give accurate and related results as they have limited topics on their website. However, Website Review of Filepursuteindicates that it uses the services of these websites as they may sponsor the content of Filepursute. Filepursute is a URL registered with the motive of selling it when the website becomes old and gets more viewer count.

The website’s age and viewer count are essential in increasing the website’s ranking on the internet. Hence, in future, Filepursute may be sold for a higher amount to make a profit.

It is unascertained what services Filepursute may hold in the future. But, currently, it provides links to mythical topics, considered to check if Filepursute is Legit or Scam.

Filepursute URL is similar to FilepursuIt.com, a search engine to access documentation in ‘.pdf’ format related to the topics users entered.

The legitimacy of Filepursute:

Filepursute is one day old website registered on 27th-December-2022 in California, USA. Filepursute has a short life expectancy as it expires within 364 days on 27th-December-2023. 

Due to its recent creation, its business ranking, spam, threat, malware, phishing, and suspicion scores are unavailable. However, Filepursute gained a terrible 1% trust score, 1/100 domain authority, and a null Alexa ranking.

Filepursute is not blacklisted and uses a less secure HTTP connection. Furthermore, Filepursute.com IP has an SSL certification valid for the next 89 days. However, its SSL certificate is not trusted by all internet browsers. The server on which Filepursute is hosted has several number of suspicious websites.

The privacy policy of Filepursute points out to Skenzo Ltd, which deals with website traffic monetization business.

Social media links: Filepursute is not present on social media.


Due to terrible trust, DA, and Alexa rank, Filepursute is NOT a legitimate website. The business ranking, spam, threat, malware, phishing, and suspicion scores will be available in a few more weeks. Filepursutewill increase its trust and Alexa ranking over a period of time. There are no user reviews of Filepursuteon social media, YouTube, or elsewhere on the internet.

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Filepursute.com – FAQ

1Q. Who is the owner of Filepursute?

The identity and contact of Filepursute’s owners are hidden using paid services of Whois.

3Q. What other details of user importance are mentioned on Filepursute?

Filepursute only mentioned its privacy policy. Filepursute’s mission statement, terms, conditions, cookie policies, physical address, help section, Etc., were unspecified.

2Q. What is the customer service contact of Filepursute?

The customer service email (or) contact number is unspecified. However, the privacy policy mentions the email of Skenzo Ltd., as privacy@skenzo.com, to get more details about Filepursute.com.

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