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Filip Fnf {Aug} Read About This Gaming Characters!

Curious to collect the recent character Filip Fnf mod update and details to know if it’s a good one to download or not? Read here

This article is about the mod character, which has all of the sudden got attention of FNF users around the United States and other countries.

The Filip Fnf is one of the most lovable characters one can get from the browser without downloading original file games. However, the Filip is considered the central one in the VS filip mod.

Being famous over the Friday Night funkin, the filip character appearance and other information must be known. For availing of the entire information, read this page until the end.

What Is Filip?

It’s a game character discovered by the Josszzol. The mod VS Filip display this character as a central one. Being a big fan of Ska music, the Filip Fnf main aim is to revive all the genres via playing his lovable Ska song over the trumpet. Additionally, it gets joined by the Boyfriend’s singing.

Appearance Of The Filip 

The character appears as a white cat which is anthropomorphic, having a long and bushy tail. The character carries asymmetrical blonde hair. 

Additionally, Filip carries one bang, which curls and get swirls in counterclockwise. Filip appears to be without a nose and has prominent eyelashes. While performing, he wears a green overcoat over the white t-shirt with an orange ring pattern.

Trivia Of Filip Fnf:

VS filip is a three people effort which is done between Jack (composing), Josszzol ( Charting, art, directing), Doug (scripting)

The title of the song is ‘ I M going for a walk’. The lyrics reference is taken from Oliver’s heart’s, which is On A Clear Day. The lyric got also sampled in the introduction to the Night Gaunts song “mosquitoes”.

‘Respect Everyone’ except for the John Is a song title that references the interjection of Jeff Rosenstock that was made before the live event performance of the Free Bird song.

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mod Filip Unblocked:

The Filip Fnf VS mod permits people to play the game online with a new FNF Mod, which features one of the most liked characters. One can face this character online from a browser. There’s no need to download the file games originally. VS filip is, however, an underrated MOD. However, the appearance is quite decisive. But once you start the gameplay, you will be surprised to see the quality of the MOD.

The essential feature of this Mod is the opponent’s character will be seen playing the trumpet. This sounds a little weird and stupid but gives different touch.

The mod also features various song titles and music details that you will come across while using this mod. 


Filip Fnf is a good character playing the trumpet, having a decisive appearance. The Filip VS mod can be downloaded easily via browser. So if anyone of you is the user of Friday Night Funkin, they can get this new update from the media over the internet.

This page presents the details concerning the FNF Filip character and Filip VS mod.

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