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Fintech Write for Us- Explore And Follow The Details!

Fintech Write for Us post has all the relevant information, such as the guidelines, post type and application method for the willing contributors.

Are you a financial expert looking for an opportunity to share the latest in the field of Finance and Technology? Fintech combines the latest technology with banking and finance to provide solutions to the client. 

As Fintech is changing the world of finance and banking, there is an urgent need to educate the masses on this topic. An expert from banking, AI and finance can play the role of contributor by sharing their knowledge on our platform through our Fintech Write for Us initiative.

What is Dodbuzz Com Web Portal?

Dodbuzz has worked hard to establish itself in digital media by providing unique content to its global client base. On the one hand, the portal provides relevant global news while its review section contains a legit write-up on the website and product.

The website review caters to the need of online shoppers as it provides legit and other details of the portal that acts as an informative tool for the customers. Product review deals with in-depth product analysis and helps customers learn about its attributes and other features. The news section covers the latest sports, entertainment, and business development.

These have attracted a lot of traffic to our website because of Write For Us Fintech Guest Post, and fintech experts can use this unique opportunity to connect with them by contributing their posts.

How will Fintech Guest Post benefit each Stakeholder?

Contributors in the form of fintech, banking and technology experts, Dodbuzz web portal and the readers are three stakeholders in this initiative. Drawing money from an ATM is the best example of a fintech solution. Each player’s benefit from this guest post initiative is listed below.

  • Fintech experts will get the audience for their posts by sharing their knowledge on the Dodbuzz platform.
  • Online audiences and people in the fintech industry will know about technology and the change it will bring to the present set-up. 

Check guidelines for Write For Us + Fintech Post?

Experts and writers interested in writing Fintech posts should know about the type of content accepted by our publishing team. Some basic requirement for the content is given below.

  • The post should contain fintech topics only.
  • The article should be unique and well-researched.
  • The unpublished article will only be accepted.
  • The article should be able to engage the audience for a brief period.
  • The topic can be old or futuristic.
  • The guest post associated with Fintech should be based on facts and have a proper conclusion.
  • It should have value addition content for the audience.
  • Dodbuzz platform will get additional traffic from the fintech niche because of the contributed guest posts.

Contributors to the guest post are expected to follow the below-mentioned guidelines while developing fintech content. 

  • The writer should write most of the content about Fintech in active voice.
  • The article or guest post on Fintech should be free of grammatical errors, and a grammar score of 100 is desired.
  •  Heading and subheading should be properly made with relevant content.
  • The readability score should be high for the post.
  • SEO guidelines of search engines should be followed by the writer.
  • Two links can be added to the post.
  • The write-up about Fintech should be of at least 1000 words.
  • Content should be plagiarism free, and copied text should be avoided for Write For Us + “Fintech Blog”.

Topics covered in Fintech Guest Post:

Some topics are given below for indicative purposes that will help writers and experts develop the content of their choice.

  • Topic on Digital banking
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Neobanking
  • Biometric security system
  • Tech Banking solution for customers
  • Autonomous Finance
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Innovation in Payment systems
  • Open Banking 

How to Apply for Fintech Guest Post?

Fintech experts and professionals can contact us at jacksonhnry59@gmail.com  and wait for the response from the Dodbuzz team. The writer and expert selected for the Fintech guest post will be contacted by the team and further briefed for contribution to our platform.


Fintech Write for Us is a great opportunity. You can read here about experts and writers from the financial tech industry. Writing will give them an audience and platform to share their knowledge and ideas. 

People interested in writing the post should contact the above-given email and wait for a response. They can also ask any question related to the post on the email.

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