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Firelak Laser Reviews [June] Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Firelak Laser Reviews [June] Pros & Cons of Shopping Here >> In this article, the emphasis is all about the web-store that deals with Laser pointers.

What is an adventure? This question is widespread, but the answer could be very vague. The term adventure generally refers to some exciting experience like mountain climbing, scuba diving, or list is on. But, the adventure terms nowadays have changed to digital or electronic gadgets if we think of kids.

Here the Firelak Laser is an electronic web store, which is has a warehouse in the United States, as well, and deals with the stuff related to Laser pointers. Laser pointers are a pen-like structure device, which is used to point a highlighted spot and makes that area illuminated.

Firelak Laser Reviews are for the electronic web store, known to have the products related to these laser pointers. The power of these pointers is limited to five mw and illuminates the area.

What is Firelak Laser?

As detailed above, the Firelak Laser, is an electronic web store, proving various types of laser pointers. These devices are top-rated amongst the kids across the globe. 

They like them because they can make a specific format and enjoy those lightening effects. The way they get to engage themselves with such games is an absolute delight. 

Specifications of the website

The website has the below-mentioned specifications and can be reached via https://laxtrong.com/pages/firelak.

  • Limited time premium free shipping
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Easy and fast returns, if in case anyone has, within thirty days
  • Thirty days of the money-back guarantee
  • Skip the line feature – helps the obtainer to place the order immediately with the immediate shipment process
  • Gift card availability for your loved ones
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Pros of Buying Products from Firelak Laser

The website is safe and secure to buy the stuff in the United States and other countries as well. They are genuine and great quality stuff providers.

  • The free shipping facility is exciting
  • The gift card availability for the loved ones if the great option to share your love
  • The absolute solution as thirty days money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support to approach for the solution
  • The payment via all means of cards is accepted

Cons of Buying Products from Firelak Laser

  • If the customer care needs to be contacted within twenty-four hours of return or replacements, the gains would not be possible.
  • The cancellation process can occur if you cancel the placed order immediately, placing the order in two to three hours’ time frame; else, the cancellation would not be possible.
  • If the packet is not received at the laxtrong, the company would not be responsible for any return.

What are people saying about Firelak Laser

Customers are incredibly delighted to have this product and have a tremendous Firelak Laser Reviews. Some say that they enjoy it most when they are on hunting trips and can chase each other with the strobe mode effortlessly and find it very powerful and highly structured.

Some are fascinated because it has a dual work approach of flashing a high beam and igniting the wood for the campfire. So, the double way of catching attention, while at a camping trip, is in their pockets, and it is almost making them crazy and makes them happy.

Many others find it likable as they prefer to gift it to the father, as they are old and love to enjoy such small gifts. Also, they enjoy the built-in lighter as it is convenient and usually used immediately at the time of need. It is very compact and handy, and no danger is involved in carrying such a product while at camp as a piece of necessary equipment.

Many others though that it is very robust and significant at built; it is beneficial for igniting campfire and catching the group’s attention. Even they found it waterproof as well, after getting wet in the rain.

All in all, people are quite interested in this product and found it excellent at its work and portable as well.

Final Verdict 

Though the website offers free shipping for a limited time, it is an excellent buy as there are always some discounts available in the final costing of the product. Customers have found it useful, particularly for camping or hunting adventure times. They are happy and have recommended to friends and family.

As a great buy, we have a recommendation; one can have a look at this as well, whenever needed. The pricing is also in impressive range and could not be a bad buy.

0 thoughts on “Firelak Laser Reviews [June] Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

    Stay away from this company……seriously!!!!

    Another reason to buy USA

    They also sell other items advertised on Facebook using DIFFERENT company names but it is ultimately the same company.

    First, they advertise as if they are an American company. They really are not they are a Chinese company with a small USA presence in which to distribute their products.

    *They are not a USA company and when trying to get which their customer service dept it has to be done via email and you don’t receive any responses until after midnight (time zone differences). All of the emails exhibit very poor grammar making it difficult to communicate with them.

    Second, they state that customers in the USA will have their items shipped from their USA facility via USPS Priority 2-5 day service.

    *This is ABSOLUTELY not the case. They ship their items from China via a company called Yanwen which takes several weeks then it goes to USPS.

    Third, they will attempt to mislead you about the status of your item(s) outright.

    *When you press harder for the status, they will simply respond via email stating “check the shipping website using the tracking numbers”. A very generic response to say the least. This is where I noticed that USPS states they are still awaiting receipt of the item from their shipping partner. Meaning USPS still has not even received the item that was supposed to be delivered in 2-5 days.

    1. The company has refused to assist in locating the items.
    2. The company has refused to send replacement items.
    3. The company has refused to provide a refund on the purchase.
    4. The company finally admitted that they shipped the items from China not the USA

    I now have to go thru the credit card company to dispute the purchase.

    AGAIN….stay away from LAXTRONG or any of their ‘associated’ companies.

    1. i ordered the firelak laser and it isn’t what i got. i got 2 lasers that have green beams with 5 decoritive lenses. it was supposed to come with :
      1x FIRELAK™
      5x Interchangeable Laser Lenses
      1x 18650 High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
      1x Special Protective Glasses (FIREGLASS™)
      1x Packing Box
      But it came in a small envelope with a thin layer of bubble wrap with no directions. Also it doesn’t do anything it says it does, doesn’t burn or light matches , cigarettes, pop balloons, or melt tape. Doesn’t come with batteries or anything. i emailed Laxtrong support and the say they do send batteries its procedure, so why advertise things theyre not gonna send. False advertising . They wont even email me back when i told them its not even the right color beam. Everything on the websit about the firelak laser is false. All i want is what i paid for, i want the right lasers with the blue beam that comes with everything in the package and does everything its suposed to do. Also says it ships in 2 to 5 business days in the USA, i ordered it June 3rd, 2020 and it arrived 2 days ago which is June 28, 2020. SCAM

      1. Exact same thing happened to me. Just got the laser with the 5 lenses and nothing else. Ordered a battery myself and it’s just a green laser. Doesn’t burn anything. Total scam.

    2. Did anyone receive just their laser and the lense caps and not their battery or their glasses I believe it comes with some kind of charging cable as well?

  2. We bought a Firelak laser and also paid extra for Skip The Line shipping. No quick shipping, no laser still and they are extremely rude and not capable of an intelligent conversation in English. DO NOT buy from them!

  3. Has anyone received their laser and the 5 lense caps but did not receive the battery with the charger or the eye glasses or the carrying box… after waiting a month and a half for my order and then I get it and I can’t use it because it’s missing pieces like that’s a huge let down once again with the services of the company and like the man above me said customer service is extremely unhelpful

  4. Exchange your product if you in trouble due to this item possible by going through the official website. Put your query feel free among us, and keep shop.

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