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Amer Deeba and Normalyze Lead the Way With the First DSPM Patent

The need for effective cybersecurity solutions is always increasing. Enterprises are migrating their data to multicloud environments while their security teams are struggling to keep up so they can prevent leaks and ensure regulatory compliance. The situation has given rise to an overwhelming demand for effective cybersecurity solutions.

Normalyze and its CEO, Amer Deeba, seek to address this demand with their artificial intelligence-powered agentless security platform. In 2023, the company secured the first patent for data security posture management technology. By securing this platform, they’ll be able to offer clients the full benefits of DSPM technology.

In the world of DSPM, this patent stands out as the largest and most crucial. As per Ravi Ithal, co-founder and chief technology director at Normalyze, the patent’s solution connects risks to personal information in customer cloud setups. This lets them focus on what truly matters, without the hassle of dealing with numerous alerts from different solutions. “Being the first to secure a significant patent in the new DSPM category demonstrates our leadership in guiding customers on protecting their most valuable asset—their data.”

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Normalyze this patent in March 2023. U.S. Patent No. 11,575,696 addresses cloud data attack path detection based on cloud security posture and resource network path tracing. It’s also a testament to Normalyze’s innovation and technical leadership. Currently, Normalyze has at least 10 DSPM competitors in the market — however, being the first to secure a DSPM patent has allowed it to cement its dominance.

What Is DSPM?

DSPM technology is the latest advancement in cloud security and is much anticipated by security teams worldwide. Normalyze shared its work with impressed crowds at the security professional gathering Black Hat USA 2023 in Las Vegas. The event is considered to be the mecca of cybersecurity events. People visiting Normalyze’s booth repeatedly expressed concern over the lack of security tools capable of providing full visibility of their data security posture. 

Normalyze also presented its cloud platform as the solution to the data security posture management needs of the attendees. As the platform now offers the full advantages of DSPM, users can expect to:

— Data Discovery and Classification: Discover data across multicloud environments and classify data based on its sensitivity, location, and associated risks. 

— Risk Management: Prioritize risks based on monetary impact to implement measures for risk mitigation to maintain a strong security posture. 

— Compliance: Helps users maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring adherence to relevant regulations. 

— Access Governance: Allows users to manage unnecessary and excessive data access to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks. 

Three Key Areas

Enterprises seeking to leverage DSPM tools for efficient data security must focus on three key areas: understanding data, evaluating access governance, and evaluating risk management measures. 

Users need to discover and classify their data to develop a clear understanding — where it’s stored, whether structured or unstructured; if there are any abandoned databases or shadow data stores; and the kinds of sensitive data.

 It’s also critical to evaluate who can access data and limit excessive privileges. Robust access controls must be implemented alongside regular review of privileged access to prevent data leaks. 

Additionally, to prevent data breaches, users will need to develop and implement a comprehensive risk management strategy. Vulnerabilities can only be proactively managed by continuously monitoring their data security posture. 

To perform these tasks regularly — without error — is a difficult task for security teams, given that so much data is often spread across different cloud environments. To simplify this chore, enterprises need to successfully incorporate DSPM tools into cloud data security strategy

Businesses should strive to avoid common mistakes so their data security efforts aren’t wasted, and their data’s confidentiality, availability, and integrity remain unaffected. To this end, security teams should understand that DSPM is a continuous process. They need to monitor their data and regularly assess and adapt to evolving threats and regulations. Proactivity over data security always pays off in the long run. 

When incorporating DSPM technology, enterprises should remember there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. They must assess technical features and whether they adequately address their requirements. 

Normalyze Leading in the DSPM Space

Normalyze emerges as a clear winner in the DSPM space because it’s been designed to cater to each enterprise’s unique needs. Its users can prioritize different security efforts, assess the risk of data breaches, automate risk mitigation, and thoroughly scan their data stores. Normalyze is compatible with all commercial cloud storage solutions, including Azure, AWS, Snowflake, and GCP. The company has also extended its security features to on-premises data stores, making it a truly ubiquitous platform.

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