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Fishykart Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?

Are you interested in buying fish from this online website? Read the Fishykart Reviews article to learn more about it.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, we have an amazing idea for you- why not pet fish? Fishkeeping is easy and peaceful. 

Fishes do not take up much space; they don’t require much maintenance; they are quiet and cheaper than other pets. 

If these reasons have made you change your mind and have fish as pets, here is an India-based online website that claims to help you purchase your favorite fish breed at the ease of your home. But first you need to read Fishykart Reviews to learn more about this website’s legitimacy before making any decision.

What is Fishykart.com?

Fishykart.com is an online India-based e-commerce website specializing in live fish, fish tank accessories, live plants, customized fish tanks and bowls, fish food, medicines, and other related products.

The website has a wide range of exotic fish collections that you can purchase online, like the Full Gold Platinum Guppy, Cobra Tail Guppy, and many more. In addition, you can read their description boxes for details about the fishes and plants. 

Customers can buy decorative toys, rocks, and sand for their fish tank or bowl. However, this does not answer our primary question- Is Fishykart Legit? Thus, we found more related information, and we provide it to you below. 

Specifications of Fishykart.com

Here are the important specifications of fishykart.com, including its customer policies and contact information. 

  • URL: https://fishykart.com/ 
  • Domain age: registered by the owners on 7 October 2021; this domain is now 4 months and 6 days old. 
  • Category: live fishes, plants, and other decorative products for the fish tank/bowl. 
  • Phone number: +91 8332019160
  • Email address: Info.fishykart@gmail.com 
  • Company address: in this Fishykart Reviews article, we inform you that no company or store location is provided on the website. 
  • Working hours: 11 AM to 6 PM IST 
  • Social media icons present: the company is provided a direct WhatsApp chat link on the website to make it easier for the customers to contact the company. 
  • Other contact detail: customers can use the online contact form to ask their queries or make a comment. 
  • Shipping and delivery policy: home delivery is available only in Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. In Fishykart Reviews, we inform you that it can take 24-48 hours or 3-7 business days for delivery, depending on the stock availability. 
  • Accepted payment methods: Google Pay, Phone Pay for all orders, and COD (with 50% advance) only for Hyderabad and Bangalore. 
  • Return/other terms and conditions: no dead-on-arrival claim request is entertained after 8 hours of delivery. Fishy Kart will bear 100% cost is fish is dead or damaged. 
  • Refund policy: if the refund is accepted, it will take 15-21 days to make the credit to the original payment method. 
  • Cancellation policy: not accepted after the order is dispatched. 

Pros of Fishykart.com

  • A large variety of fishes
  • HTTPS protocol detected

Cons of Fishykart.com

  • No customer reviews are available 
  • No contact address available. Only locations are mentioned.

Is Fishykart Legit?

  • Domain age: 4 months and 6 days only, while a legit site must be at least 6 months old; 7 October 2021.
  • Domain Expiration date: 7 October 2022 
  • Trust Index: a poor trust index of 2% is given to this website
  • Trust Rank: no trust rank is available for fishykart.com. 
  • Alexa rank: # 5,956,592 
  • Plagiarized content: we could not find any plagiarized or copied content on the website. 
  • Customer policies: all the policies are stated on the website beforehand. 
  • Customer reviews: no customer reviews or ratings are available on the Internet for Fishy Kart. 
  • About Us page: there is no such page associated with this website. 
  • Owner’s information: no owner details are revealed on the website. 

Fishykart Reviews

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any customer reviews related to Fishykart.com or its offered services. 

Customer reviews or ratings help us analyze the type of services offered by the company and whether they are worth our readers’ time or not. However, for fishykart.com, we cannot make any such claims. 

You can check this official Facebook page of Fishy Kart from the highlighted link, as no customer reviews are available there. 

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The Final Verdict

Today in Fishykart Reviews, we learned that fishykart.com is an online website specializing in live fish, plants, and other related products delivered to your doorstep. 

However, we find the website suspicious as no customer reviews are available, and it has a poor trust index. Therefore, we request you to stay cautious and look for trustable customer reviews online before shopping. 

Do you agree with us? Please share your comments below. Also, check how to stay protected from online PayPal Scams

2 thoughts on “Fishykart Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?

  1. Scam website, while ordering he agreed on 3-4 delivery and took my order for 2k for plants and aquarium heaters. No products got delivered and no refund shared

    1. Hello Mohit Soni! Thank you for sharing your review here. Yes, it is mentioned in the blog also that it is a suspicious or a dubious site. Since online shopping is always tricky, it is suggested to go through all the website’s evaluations to have safe shopping and get an idea about that particular site. Thank You! Stay Safe and Stay Connected!

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