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Flex Paste Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Flex Paste Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy Superthick Rubberized paste (FlexPaste).

Do you want to buy thick rubberized paste online? Shop at Flexsealproducts.

We went through a lot of Flex Paste reviews since the thick rubberized paste is found very few on Online stores and thought of sharing its details with our readers who are looking forward to buying thick rubberized paste online.

Only a few online portals are available which sells thick rubberized paste. New websites are emerging to bridge the gap between products like these, and its customers.

At present, the site has gained massive attention from the customers in the United States. People have appreciated their initiate for taking a step towards online selling of the product.

If you are interested in buying thick rubberized paste online, then this site can be the right place to do so. Read the article thoroughly to know more about this site.

In this article, you will also get to know- is Flex Paste Legit or not.

What is Flexpaste?

Flexsealproducts com is an online store that sells the product called Flex Paste, which is a thick rubberized paste that sticks immediately to multiple surfaces. Also, it immediately fills a huge gap, holes, cracks, and more.

Flexpaste can be applied on any surface, and since the paste is very thick, it could cling on any surface in a short period. The price of the products is comparatively less when compared to other products of the same segment. But how safe is it to buy Flex Paste on this site? Is Flex Paste Legit, or is it scamming the customers?

Are you still in a state of confusion? Don’t worry. We have deeply analyzed this site for you to know whether it is a scam or legit. Read till the end to know more.

Details on Flexpaste:

  • Product: Thick rubberized paste
  • Shipping time- within -10 business days (Within the US and Outside)
  • Delivery time- 6- 15 days (National and Internationally)
  • Return- Available ( within 30days from the day of purchase)
  • Shipping charge- $0.00 (free)
  • Cancellation of order- To be done before the item is shipped.
  • Company contact number- (833) 411 3539
  • Address of the company- Flex Seal Family of Products, 150 Stewart Pkwy, Greensboro, GA 30642
  • Email address- contact@flexsealproducts.com
  • Mode of payment- Credit Cards only

Is Flex Paste Legit?

A lot of reviews about this product can be found both online and offline. The companies name with address and contact details have been mentioned in the site. Moreover, the company has been selling thick rubberized paste for a very long time.

Many of the television channels have reviewed their product. Not only that, one review given by its customer said how Flex Paste played a significant role at the time of a hurricane in the US for holding things together.

Positives of buying Flex Paste:

  • Shipping of products is free of cost.
  • Product can be returned within 30days
  • Company’s address along with contact details have been mentioned

Negatives of buying Flex Paste:

  • Payment can be made only via credit cards
  • Shipping and processing fee will be deducted while returning the product
  • The paste is only available in black and white colours

What people had to talk about it?   

A lot of reviews about this website could be found online since has been a long time that the company is making its impression in the field of thick rubberized paste. The buyers we’re completely satisfied with the product as it helped them to fix things out within a fraction of seconds.

Very few numbers of customers had a complaint, they could easily return the product to the company. Most of them were very satisfied with the quality of the product since it is still serving them to protect the things where it has been applied.

Final Verdict

The site is completely protected for doing transactions online. From years, it has been gaining trust from its customers. Hence people can buy Flex Paste from the site without thinking twice.

The product can be ordered in two different colors and quantities depending upon one’s requirement. A lot of reviews about the website and its products can be found.

The customers who had bought this product long ago are still dependent upon it for keeping things together. Hence, the trust gained by this product made us recommend it to you. Get your own Flex Paste and keep things together for years.

2 thoughts on “Flex Paste Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It?

  1. Flex Paste “even works underwater” advertisement, false, it does not adhere to pool surface underwater. .

  2. Flex Paste is a ripoff. A 3 lb. tub costs 30 dollars. But it comes with about 25 percent of the Flex Paste already cured, making it unusable. I bought the 3 lb. of Flex Paste at both Ace Hardware and Walmart. No matter which store I bought it at, about 25 percent of the tub was already cured. I contacted Flex Seal on their website. They said to email them a photograph of the cured paste in the tub, along with my receipts for proof of purchase. I tried several times to email them. Each time, my email was returned as undeliverable. Then I left a message on their website asking for their mailing address because I printed out the photographs and copies of my receipts and I just want to snail mail the information. They claim that they will replace one 3 lb. tub but they just need proof of what I am saying and my mailing address. Well, Flex Seal has not responded to my request for their mailing address; so that I can send the information to them. So my opinion of Phil Swift as a businessman and of his products is quickly becoming unfavorable.

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