Flinycloth Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One?

Flinycloth Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One? >> Your doubt is valid in today’s scenario. To avoid scam, one must have a doubt and also, a habit of reading reviews before making an order. Here in this post, you will get proper information around this ecommerce website, read now!

Web-based shopping is extraordinary compared to other access that we have; it is an extremely advantageous alternative. Web-based shopping spares time and permit us to pick the item among more options. It isn’t yet; the online store gives various kinds of offers and rebates that, more often than not, the retailer doesn’t provide. 

There are loads of style stores yet imagine a scenario where you need just a most recent architect design store? At that point, you can visit flinycloth com where you will get an opportunity to purchase the most recent American design wears, all are made in the United States.

Nowadays, it is effortless to buy the product from anyplace from any electronic gadget, and the item will be conveyed at your home. Every one of these options is conceivable through the web; through the internet, you can do bunches of exercises like in training, style, expressions, book perusing, and some more. There are billions of sites accessible over the web-dependent on various sorts’ items which can be effectively available on a single tick.

The most significant focuses that each purchaser must notification is that they should buy an item just from a known site. The phoney site will offer you more to draw in, yet this might be one of the secrets to trick you. Right now, we will examine and clear all the disarray about flinycloth com reviews.

What is flinycloth?

Flinycloth.com is an online shopping store; they sell different types of fashion wears and accessories like printed tops, floral tops, V-neck, designer jeans, and many more. In accessories, they have pendants, lockets, necklaces, stone earrings, and lots of items.

The company is offering a massive discount on all products; they are offering free shipping if you purchase the item over $69. One of the attractive offers is the first timer will get an extra 8% off discount, they will get a discount code. From this discount code, they can apply for the 8% discount during billing. Flinycloth com is also offering eye-catching offers like buy 4 get 5th 50% off, buy 3 get 4th 40% off, buy 2 get 3rd 30% off.

The clothes are made up of cotton fabric, and the design is adopted from traditional Indian fashion top wear. The floral designs give an Asian touch; they also have stone pendants, earrings, and bracelets. The accessories are available in various colours and sizes. 

At the hour of the arrival, the item should be in acceptable condition; any utilized, washed, or harmed will not be considered. In our examination about fancloth reviews, we found that there is a lot of disarray about the site. As per a couple of sites, Flinycloth.com isn’t genuine. 

The user’s reviews on YouTube about the site are discovered negative. The site Flinycloth com is offering 14 days to refund the item. You can ask for a refund if you don’t want to keep the product.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Flinycloth.com)

Pros of Flinycloth.com

  • The wide assortments of items like rings, wristbands, neckbands, fashion wears, and a lot more things. 
  • You can restore the item on the off chance that you need to, the site is giving 14 days of bringing time back 
  • On the off chance that you found any piece is missing or harm, you can take a preview of the item and send it with the item. You will get the trading of the item 
  • The website is one-stop for all your fashion needs because they sell clothes, designer tops, and bottoms and accessories for women.

Cons of Flinycloth.com

  • The site is new, and flinycloth reviews by the customer is found negative
  • The site doesn’t have enough reviews, so it isn’t on the whole correct to comment it counterfeit, however as indicated by the study of another site the site has discovered a trick. 
  • Flinycloth.com is absent in any web-based social networking site; these days, internet based life is the most straightforward approach to arrive at any customer.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • Refund will be credited to the customer financial balance inside 20 days 
  • The returned item should be unused and in a unique condition 
  • You can restore the item in the event that it discovered harm or any piece is absent. 
  • The customer will get 14 days to exchange the item


flinyclothcom reviews by the customers are not discovered positive. We provided our unbiased review. Thus, it is up to you whether you want to purchase from this website or not.

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  1. Flinycloth is a total fraud and a scam. It’s a fake website, so don’t fall for it like I did. They are advertising on FaceBook using ads from stores like Sundance Catalog. Flinycloth is 100% non-responsive to inquiries thru email and messenger. There is no phone number listed on their fake website and just yesterday they added some funky address that looks like this: Beimac Company Limited 6-9 The Square Uxbridge, Middlesex, England UB11 1FW (“this is not a returning address”). <weird, right? Also, the charge on your credit card appears like this: PayPal- GSSL. GSSL stands for Golden Seas Service Limited which is an overseas shipping service. After I didn't receive any shipping confirmation, I inquired via emails and thru messenger (which they've blocked me from messaging them, and I wasn't even rude) with zero response. At my age, I should have done my research first, but I fell for it. So, trust me, FLINYCLOTH IS FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!! Buyer beware….

    • So did you order from Flinycloth? Did you receive your order? If not, did they return your money?
      Appreciate any information.

      • I ordered a top a month ago. They sent an email to track my order and when I clicked the link, it took me to a Chinese shipping site but said there isn’t anyncarrier information. Then when I clicked to see my order on the Flinycloth website, I got this message: Oops, error found”. So, no record,of my order at all. I sent 2 emails asking for help, of course no answers.. I should have known it was too good to be true. Its a red flag that there isnt any information on their website about where innthe world the company actaully is and no contact information.

    • I have purchased items from this web site ,they took my money and I never received my items . It’s been more than a month and no one to get a hold of . This is terrible and upsetting, I work very hard for my money and I got robbed by this company . If anyone out there knows how to get a hold on them please email me at Bren.larz@yahoo.com.

  2. There’s a multitude of these sites producing counterfeit and bad counterfeit at that items using catalog pictures from Sundance, Johnny Was, Soft Surroundings and more. Rule of thumb, if they are hiding most of the models face (because then they are outright breaking the law) they are selling fake and inferior merchandise. These are Chinese companies, or maybe just one company because they keep changing their name to keep up with the rage of their customers. It took me over three months to get a refund and I had to file with the FTC and Paypal, PLUS pay $40 to return to China. The items came back to me three months later because the “company” could not be found. The items looked like they photoshopped the catalog pictures and printed them on cheap polyester. They had raw edges and items that were advertised as embroidered were bad prints. None of the items would have survived a wearing much less a washing. I thought I might be buying factory 2nds or overruns since the prices were clearly 70-80% lower than the originals. But they are not even that. BEWARE. It’s all really bad crap.

    • I ordered in April and 5 weeks later I have not received anything or any communication from them. They did charge my credit card right away. I have emailed them with no response. I am waiting two more days and then will start a dispute with my credit card company. Hope this helps.

    • SO you tried to return… where did you get an address?
      When I purchased, over 2 months ago, there was a phone number which I called… no longer found on the site…. I asked if made in the USA and she said yes…. when I didn’t receive, called again and was told to be patient…. HAH!
      I called credit card company and they are going after them…
      Received substandard items, like you, yesterday… have request into Flinycloth for where to return…. if I do not hear from them in a week the items go to Salvation Army

  3. I agree Lisa, I am sorry that you were their victim. They blocked me the second time I asked where their garments were made. I thought it was suspicious when they said they were made in the USA. I was not rude. They didn’t want other people on Facebook to see my question.

  4. The address that Flintycloth uses is a virtual office space. The company name “Beimac Company Limited” is nonexistent as far as I can tell. Flinthcloth.com has lots of eye candy photos but they are blocking people on their Facebook page for asking questions. You may or may not get a product from them if you order but it is hardly worth the danger of doing business with them.

  5. I was blocked on Facebook by them too- after commenting that their pictures are stolen from the Sundance catalog. Total fraud.

  6. I have enquired of The London Borough of Hillingdon’s Trading Standards department about BEIMAC who I have discovered trading online as cherishe online,
    Offers so incredible they’re laughable, “£20 for an electric mobility tricycle with free carriage !!! Really???!!! Shall post their response.
    I shall also contact the City of London Police who are responsinble for illegal financial matters.

  7. Ordered April 28, charged immediately but no products as yet. Told it was the COVID crisis and asked for a refund if they couldn’t fulfill the order. Sent a fake shipping number in China twice and told they would not refund since it was shipped. Paypal upgraded investigation has gotten no response. Beware!!!

  8. It’s been almost 2 month and still no response and no items delivered. No were to be found and robbed me for over $200 This company is Fraud and fake !

  9. I just read all of your comments and decided to cancel my order. The only thing I could do was write them an email and judging from your responses I don’t expect to get a reply. My debit card was charged. So my question is what do I do now?

  10. tell you credit card it is a rip off…mine is going to fight the charge. The items arrived today…. they are subpar and as noted above, not the same fabric as the photo, no tags inside about the fabric content, etc…. trying to get an address to return them to. if not they go to Salvation Army

  11. Same here. Ordered April 20th, was charged right away. Month later I emailed them saying wanted refund cuz never received, they blamed COVID and said please be patient. Lies! It’s Aug 1st , 3 1/2 months later. So I looked up to see if real and found this site! Wish I’d checked beforehand. Lessen learned. Will contact bank where my visa is from. They will investigate and credit my account.

    Fliny Cloth is FAKE, theives. Will also report to BBB online.


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