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Flow Academy Kelowna {April} Read For An Information!

Flow Academy Kelowna {April} Read For An Information!>> Here in this article, we will read about an academy that banned individuals who got vaccinated; read this article to have more information!

In countries like Canada, some strange things are happening to people who are getting vaccinated.

Here we are talking about Flow academy Kelowna; there is a controversy going under this academy which is related to the people who are getting vaccinated this academy is not allowing the people or else they are cancelling the membership of people who have undergone the vaccination program or if they wear face masks.

In this article, we will read about this controversial Kelowna academy news and the reasons why Kelowna academy is taking such steps; read the whole article to have full information.

Flow Academy Kelowna:

It is an academy located in Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC, v1y 5y7, and under this academy, they teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yoga, meditation, kickboxing, and also fitness training. The owner and head coach of the Kelowna academy is Adam, and the owner and general manager is tonya.

Recently this academy has come into the news because of the controversial step the academy has taken. They have banned people who have got the vaccination done or if they wear masks.

Now about why they have taken this step, we will read further in this article to know more about Kelowna academy; we have dropped a link below; go through it to have more information.


Why did Kelowna Academy Take This Step?

The Flow Academy Kelowna is not accepting membership applications of those who have received the vaccine dose; the academy came up to this decision after consulting with wellness, health and fitness-related facilities across the country.

They stated that their liability does not cover the unknown health effects of particular mRNA vaccines and the vaccine’s reported side effects, such as seizures, viral shedding, and death now following administration of these vaccines. The academy took this controversial step.

Is It Normal To Have Side Effects After Being Vaccinated?

As we have already read, the Flow Academy Kelowna has banned the members who have gotten vaccinated because of vaccination’s side effects. Now let’s read whether it is normal or not to have side effects.

Yes, it is normal to have some moderate or mild effects after being vaccinated because these vaccines affect your immune system. After all, it instructs the body to react in certain ways to kill the virus.


Here in this article, we have covered a very controversial topic linked with the Flow Academy Kelowna. Why is there banning the membership of the people who have gone through vaccination?

We have also read about why they have taken this step, and at last, we can conclude that the academy took this step to prevent the spread of the virus in the academy.

What do you think about this step taken by the academy? Do you think this to be a good step taken by the academy?

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