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Flowers for My Moon Roblox (Sep 2022) Read Updates!

The article, Flowers for My Moon Roblox provides the necessary details about the levels like abandon and lost, how to play, and tips. 

Do you love playing Roblox games? Are you looking for a hospital-based online game where you can provide patient care? If yes, Roblox offers a wonderful game, which is getting popular among Philippines, United States players. Here is the article that deals with Flowers for My Moon Roblox.

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The Roblox details 

The game “Flowers for My Moon” is one of the games present in Roblox. Roblox is a platform that allows players to play and develop many games. So the game is developed by Iltria. The Evergreen program inspired the flowers for My Moon, and they have recreated the program. 

The game revolves around the hospital wards, and each patient will have a history of medical records. The game was developed on January 5th, 2021. And today, they have updated their gaming programs. So, players are expecting a major upgrade in the game.

Flowers for My Moon Abandonment

It indicates that the players abandoned their patients. Most players expressed their sorrow by abandon the character “Autumn.” By unplugging the plug, players can abandon their patients. After unplugging the patient, the players cannot return to the respective patient’s room again because they have abandoned them. 

And they will be receiving a message like, “The player left the patient, now the patient is gone.” But players are puzzled about the patients’ lives after getting abandoned. After staying with the patient for hours before abandoning them, players will occasionally get a good ending.

The lost

Flowers for My Moon Lost is another program inside the game, where there will be an entire room called “LOST.” Players have to beat that program called “LOST.” In this program, players have to go through various rooms. But here is the important thing: players must remember their acquired star. If the players choose the wrong star, the ghosts will kill them. In order to survive in this “lost” program, they must carefully remember their stars. However, they will eventually dismiss this program as lost dreams for the dreamers and claim as fake illusions.

The game of popularity

Flowers for My Moon Roblox is popular among the young people. Nearly 1.5 million people have visited the Flowers for My Moon profile, and 1871 players actively follow the profile for updates. A Harmony kills developer helps to build the hub area and additional props.

As they have updated the game today, players are expecting leverage while playing the games because they can only play some programs once, then the program will be banned after failing in that level. So the players are expecting an update from the team. And many gamers quoted this game as an interesting one 


Thus the article “Flowers for My Moon Roblox provided details about different programs. Additionally, this game provides the players with many badges like sky drowner, visiting hours, protagonist syndrome, locked memories, etc., to help them. This game revolves around a different journal, attracting many gamers around the nation.  For more roblox updates on this game.

Do you find this article useful? Let us know about your favorite level of this game in the comment section.

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