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Fltreasurehunt Scam {Nov} Citizens Have Certain Claims!

Fltreasurehunt Scam {Nov} Citizens Have Certain Claims! >> Read news article which reveals the truth behind a speculated scam in Florida, but is it true.

What if you get a message out of nowhere- you have funds or property that are unclaimed? Will you believe in such kinds of texts or ignore it to be a possible scam? You will be surprised to know about Fltreasurehunt Scam, and if you are a Floridian, must read this. 

Chief Financial Officer of Florida, the United States, Jimmy Patronis, has recently announced that Fort Myers, Tampa Bay area, Bay County, and many regions as such holds millions in intangible personal property.

He has initiated through Holiday Money Hunt and persuading people to participate in it and reclaim the property that may have been lost, inactive, or forgotten. Please continue to read the article and find out more about it. If you have been scammed and believe you have nowhere else to turn, KashPilot loans may be a good option.

What is Florida Treasure Hunt?

First, Unclaimed property is an asset (non-physical) that the owner must have lost, forgot, or kept inactive or abandoned. 

In Fltreasurehunt ScamFloridians are asked by the Florida Department of Financial Services to come and claim their property.

They can be in the form of life insurance benefits, stocks, deposits, safe deposit box contents, uncashed checks, and credit balances and refunds. Citizens of the United States can visit their official website to know the whole process. 

How and why to claim? 

Unclaimed property resources are long abandoned and lost by owners, held by government bodies for five years. If they fail to contact the righteous owner or return it, the assets will be settled by the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Unclaimed Property. 

According to the Fltreasurehunt Scam, people will get a letter from Florida’s CFO, Jimmy Patronis, notifying that the state is holding your money.

All you have to do is visit the official site where they have availed the 24 hours day interactive database, free of cost, through which claimants can look for their name and, if found, initiate the claim process as instructed. 

What are Jimmy Patronis and Floridians saying?

Jimmy Patronis serves as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), State Fire Marshal, and member of the Florida Cabinet who oversees the accounting, auditing, and insurance fraud investigation. 

People, when notified through a letter signed by him, took it as Fltreasurehunt Scam and retreated. Clearing all doubts, Jimmy Patronis took media support. 

In his recent statement, he said that Fort Myers, the Tampa Bay area, and Bay County have millions as unclaimed property and encouraging people to join his Holiday Money Hunt on Twitter with a hashtag.  


The CFO has returned more than $1 billion to Floridians since he joined the office in 2017. Many people have benefitted as it doesn’t require any money to reclaim what’s yours. 

Therefore, even when some citizens doubt lurking in their minds, others came to trusted sites and claimed it as legitimate and not a Fltreasurehunt Scam

They have found it reliable as they didn’t ask for sensitive information. There is no legal document on limitations on unclaimed property, and heirs of owners can also claim their funds anytime. 

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