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Flyzolo Com (Jan 2022) About Youngest Woman To Fly Solo!

The post talks about Flyzolo com and elaborates about Zara Rutherford’s journey flying solo.

Worldwide there has been a new record-set. Women today are leaving no stone unturned in proving their mantle and strength. One such girl who has won the hearts of many by setting a new world record is Zara Rutherford. 

An adventurous by nature, she is declared the first woman who has circumnavigated the world solo. Yes, you heard it right. Zara Rutherford is the first woman to set a new record milestone by flying in a microlight plane.

This article will look into the website Flyzolo com, wherein she details his wanderlust adventure.

Who is Zara Rutherford?

A teenager of Belgium-British origin and a pilot Zara Rutherford is all smiles to have set a new world record. The 19-year-old safely landed at the Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport after completing a flight journey covering 51,000 km, which accounts for 32,000 miles across 52 nations Worldwide.

The same has been detailed in her website, which is named Flyzolo, where she elucidates about herself and her journey. In the coming sections, we will look into some of her experiences with the readers on her website, Flyzolo com.

Some More Facts About Zara Rutherford And Her Journey

  • Zara Rutherford is now the first youngest woman who has flown globally in her Microlight aircraft.
  • She has set a new record after the Afghan-born and of American descent Shaesta Wais who set a record of flying solo during 2017 at 30.
  • Besides, she also took the record from American born Mason Andrews, who held the record of the youngest make to have travelled globally in 2018.
  • She dreams of a career as an astronaut and is also the first Belgian to have circumnavigated the world solo in an aircraft with a single engine.

Flyzolo com – What Does It Include?

The teenager and record-setter have elucidated her journey across the globe on her website, the Flyzolo. It includes a quick gist about herself, her journey and itinerary. As per sources, Zara gained her license as a pilot in 2020 after she completed her training with her father. She now dreams of pursuing engineering at either the British or U.S. university.

She touched two points set at an extreme during the journey: Jambi, located in Indonesia and Tumaco, set in Colombia. As per her website, Flyzolo com travelled to North and South America and later stopped at Eastern Russia before going to the Middle East, South Asia and Europe.

Wrapping Up

Zara Rutherford completed the entire journey in 155 days on the 20th of January 2022 after landing at Wevelgem, Belgium. She began her journey on 18 August 2021 in her Shark ultralight aircraft. The website also lists stories of amazing women whom she considers an inspiration.

We have collected the information as given in the source articles. Want to know more about Flyzolo com? Then do visit the official website here

What have you got to say about Zara Rutherford and her achievement? Please do share your  thoughts in the comments section below.

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