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Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021 {Feb 2021} Read & Know!

Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021 {Feb 2021} Read & Know! >> Epic Games have added a dozen of surprises in one of the dynamic online game. What is it? Read.

Are you a Fortnite video game lover? Do you want to know about Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021?

In this modern digitalized world, the demands of online video games and their popularity took a peak. The gaming sectors are pleasing world-wide’s audience with engaging storyline and game theme. The advanced technology-made games with incredible visual effect and animation capture the attention of millions in the United States.

Today we will show you another famous online game item shop and what surprises are waiting for you.

If you are willing to know more, please read the entire article carefully-


It is an online battle Royale game, where gamers group together to persist in an open world by combating antagonists in control of the game itself or other players. Our researching online about Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021 says either single-player mode or multiplayer mode; gamers will face zombie-like monsters and fight against them. 

However, the most engrossing free to play mode- Fortnite Battle Royale, where approx. One hundred gamers can enter into a battle arena to battle with others individually or in a group of 4. Here the last player standing in this arena, recognized as the winner.

Here players can give a new Avatar to their character with V bucks. V bucks is the Fortnite currency used in purchasing upgrading gaming items from Fortnite Item Shop. There are varieties of new deals that come up from time to time. To know about the deal, check the next writing segment.

Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021:

Fortnite has come up with surprises on 14th Feb, as the item list showing most waited gaming items and special gears. We are going to list the items along with price-

  • The Flash Bundle, price is 2200 V bucks.
  • Wild Card, price is 2k V bucks.
  • ARK, price is 2000 V bucks.
  • The Flash, price is 1500 V bucks.
  • Love Ranger, the price is 2K V bucks.
  • Speed Force Slashers, price is 1200 V bucks.
  • Candyman, the price is 1500 V bucks.
  • Lovethorn, price is 1500 V bucks.
  • Tess Bundle, price is 1800 V bucks.
  • Starflare, the price is 1500 V bucks.
  • TAT Axe, price is 800 V bucks.
  • Heavy Heart, price is 800 V bucks.
  • In the Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021, Heart Beater has been added; the price is 800 V bucks.

Why did Fortnite receive so much success?

Fortnite has received hugged success globally due to the most engaging gameplay and visual effect. The Battle Royale receives super comments from critics among the other two and has become a ‘Cultural Phenomenon.’ Besides, daily basis, new gaming items are another exciting part. The recent launching of the most waited Flash character increased the curiosity many more times. 


The announcement of the DC superhero –Flash character creates excitement among the United States gamers. Finally, the character is now in the game Item Shop, along with several new items added. For our audience, we have given special items which have launched in Fortnite Item Shop Feb 14 2021.

Which is your favorite video game? Which is your favorite item amongst the list? Share your answer below.

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