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Fortnite Npc 43 (Feb 2021) Check The Details Here Now

Fortnite Npc 43 (Feb 2021) Check The Details Here Now -> Are Fortnite new Npcs are available in the game? Check this post and know where they are and how to claim them.

Are you excited to know what’s new in Fortnite season 5? If yes, then read this post until the end and know its new Fortnite Npc43 details.

Fortnite is the popular online video game that has been played by users such as United Kingdom, United Statesand Canada. It was developed by epic games and was first released in 2017.

With its consistent performance, now Fortnite comes with its season 5. Here details have shared.

What is Fortnite Npc43?

Fortnite has launched the new NPC in season 5, which is one of the game’s finest non-playable characters. But it plays an important role in this new season 5, including rewards and various opportunities to fritter gold bars.

Along with that, the Fortnite new season comes with another Npc called Fortnite Npc44. Both NPC is available to use, and you probably know how to claim them. In case you don’t, then continue reading this post and find the details.

How to find Npc43?

If you are ready to claim Fortnite Npc43, then the first crucial thing you should keep in mind that the NPC will not appear in the game from 2 February 2021. It means you will have to wait for more days to avail the benefit.

Also, Fortnite has shared only written details about the new Npc just for updating its users. Plus, users will see characters on the menu after some time. We will all have to wait for Npc until it does not appear on the menu. On the other hand, the real truth behind this news is the NPC can be launched anytime. 

What is the location of New Fortnite NPCs?

Once the Epic games released the new Fortnite Npc43 and 44 for users in season 5, the gamers across the globe, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, are searching over time to know NPCs’ location.

 Check the location details:

  • Lexa- you can find it on Hunter Haven’s building
  • Reese- you can find on dirty locks in a building
  • Menace- find it on colossal colosseum on the map
  • Pancake- find it in the building, middle of a map
  • Mave- check it inside the shipwreck cove on the game map
  • Kondor- check it in the building of misty meadows
  • Brutus- Find it at the bottom of dirty docks on the game map
  • Blaze- available at the island on the northern area
  • Splode- search at the northern point of the map (shack on the island)
  • The reaper- search on the western part of the mountains.  


Fortnite Npc43 is the new character that will launch in the Fortnite menu. Recently, new NPCs are not available on the map. So, you have to wait for a few days. As per current reports, users can expect Npc this month on 14 February. We came to know the other features: lovely skin, wearing cuddle skin, pixel heart sunglasses, and arm tattoos, etc.

Do share your excitement for new Fortnite Npc and also tell us how it can be useful.

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  1. so im a fortnite dateminer new npc is comeing to fortnite its agent jonsey in the secret base i event is hapening but we a fixing a glitch

  2. so im a fortnite dateminer new npc is comeing to fortnite is agent jonsey in the secret base a event is happening but we are fixing a glitch if you stand on top of zero point you will stay dont do it you will get banned for 200 years

    1. im a fortnite dataminer new npc is comeing to fortnite its agent jonsey in under ground base by hunters haven a event is happening but a glitch has been found by fire monkey you can stand in top of the zero point dont do it you will get banned for 6 years have fun

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