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Found Dead Debanhi Escobar {April} Find Reason Behind It

When did Found Dead Debanhi Escobar, and what was the cause of her death? Read here about the girl missing from April 10.

Have you heard of the Debanhi Escobar case? Do you know how did she die? Want to know the reason behind her death? The news and photographs of a teenage Mexican girl missing were all over social media.

However, till yesterday no one knew where she was. But April 22 brings the sad news of her death. People across the United States are distracted after hearing this news. Let us see our post on how Found Dead Debanhi Escobar and what the investigation show.

What is the recent news about Debanhi Escobar? 

You must have come across a photo of Debanhi Escobar, an 18-years-old girl standing on death road. According to the report, this girl vanished mysteriously on April 9 in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. And it came in the highlight when the driver shot a distressing photo.

The driver has to drop her home. However, no one knows why she was standing on that death road. But as per online sources, her father said that the surveillance camera was evident that the driver touched her daughter illegally. He also added he might not be the killer but the one who is equally responsible for Debanhi Escobar Death.

What is the cause of her death?

The cause of death, according to Attorney General Gustavo Adolfo, was deep skull contusion. At first, hotel staff reported the foul smell emanating from the area. After a search, the body was found inside a cistern full of water in the Nueva Castilla motel, and for two weeks, the body had been there. So, her body was decomposed, and authorities could not identify her. 

However, the motel is near where Escobar was lastly photographed. It was Friday morning when the team of divers Found Dead Debanhi Escobar body immersed in a tank. The DNA test is underway, and more evidence will clear all the doubts.

Alert needed as there are many cases reported:

Murder of women has increased in Mexico, and the number shows an alarming situation. While in 2021, it increased by 1015 from the last year, numbers were 977. Similarly, the missing report of women was about 1600 this year.

However, out of these, 16 are dead, and the investigation is on for the rest. Along with Escobar, five other women’s bodies are found in different places. They all were missing in the same timestamp and were teenagers. 

When investigator Found Dead Debanhi Escobar?

The photo of a girl standing alone on the outskirt highway at night wearing high-top sneakers and a skirt is shared all over the local media. However, the image of the girl conveys her enormous sensitivity as much as her self-assurance — or urgency. The following day, she reported missing, and on April 22, her body was found in a motel cistern.


Women’s safety is still a question, local people are worried and showing their concern. Seven women every day are reported missing in Mexico and a cause of worry for the city and authorities. To read complete information about the Debanhi case here. 

What do you have to say, Found Dead Debanhi Escobar? Write in the comment section below if you find this post helpful.

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