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Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews {August} Pick Trick Of Scam

Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews {August} Pick Trick Of Scam -> In this post, you will read about an online glass printing company that prints glass of different sizes.

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your friend on her birthday that she would remember for a lifetime? Then you can think about fractureme.com. As here you can get your picture printed on glass with a perfect finish and vibrant colours. You can even get framed and put them on walls to beautify them. So, here to make you aware of all the aspects of the website we are sharing Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews with you. 

People from all across the world always look for different kinds of products that are difficult to find quickly. Therefore, people in the United States are greatly relieved that they can easily buy them from the online store and get doorstep delivery. 

So if you are looking for the authentic place where you will get the factual Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews, this post is for you. As here, you will get the answer to your maximum questions. 

What are Fractureme Glass Prints?

Fractureme Glass Prints opted for printing photographs, where you can get them printed on glass. As per the company the printing of the photograph is simple and the company only asks for the price of its work. They do not ask you to pay unnecessary charges. 

With the help of these glass prints, you can also create a beautiful story by getting each photo printed on a single glass sheet. Along with the product, you can also place the order of solid wood, where you can beautifully present your moments spent.

Not only this, to make your loved ones feel special, you can also send gift cards along with the glass print. The cost of the small print starts from $17, medium prints $45 and large prints $95. 


  • Website Name: fractureme.com
  • Product: Glass Print Photos
  • Shipping Charges: Free shipping on overs over $100
  • Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned.
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Refund Policy: Not mentioned
  • Return Policy: Not mentioned


  • The company has come with a new concept of printing photos. 
  • The website has a separate blogging section where it posts its post regularly.
  • The company has more than 11 years of experience in this industry. 
  • You can also buy gift cards and solid wood to keep your photographs. 
  • The website has kept separate prices for each size frame like for smaller frames they charge accordingly, and for the large frames, they charge according to that.


  • The company has not posted any of its relevant information anywhere on the page such as the office address, contact detail, owner details, refund and return policy.
  • The website has not created its customer review section anywhere on the page.

Do you find fractureme.com a legitimate platform to get your photograph printed?

Fractureme.com has come with a new concept to get your photograph printed on glass. Also, it has more than 11 years of experience in this area, so the chances of being proved as a scam reduces to nil. However, the website has thousands of followers on Facebook and other social media pages, the shoes that the site is getting an overwhelming response from the people. So according to the Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews, we found this website a legitimate place to get your photos printed.

Can you share all the customer reviews for fractureme.com?

Fractureme.com is an excellent place who look for the different from adoring memories and who want to keep them with them forever. The website is highly prevalent in the United States, and there are a lot of people who are ordering products from this website to make enchanting memories.

Final Verdict

Fractureme.com is an online photo printing shop where the printing gets done on the glass. However, you will not be able to get the company details, like the contact details, owner’s information, company address, testimonial page and many more other information. But the company got an overwhelming Fractureme Glass Prints Reviews on various social media pages that shows that the website is getting a good response from people. Even the company is also about to complete its 12 years in a few days that indicates its legitimacy. 

You can also share your viewpoints in the comment box mentioned if you have also got your photos printed on glass. It will increase the confidence of buyers in the company.

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  1. I ordered from fracture I recommend downloader from fracture do it yourself I am very disappointed I spent 150+ dollars and got what I could’ve done Glass took a picture add some glue put the picture on the back of the glass at Wawa there it is I expected the picture to be actually engraved in the glass do you know where you look at the glass The pictured been edged and sketched into the glass Talk about disappointment trying to memorialize my mother-in-law for my husband in a beautiful pictures what a waste especially the money

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