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Frdomee.com Reviews [May] – Should You Buy From It?

Frdomee.com Reviews [May] – Should You Buy From It? >> Having information about ecommerce store before making any order is a real need nowadays! Don’t jump for order, first read the review!

The Internet is a vast topic, and not everyone has understood what all it can do. There are a lot of means through which all those dreams come true. E-commerce has been one of the things that help in fulfilling a dream to have an established business. Frdomee.com is one of those businesses that can help people in living their dreams. 

We have created this post by analyzing available frdomee.com reviews and also, by its website’s analysis. This post will help you know if you should land on this website for your future shopping lists and will it turn up to be your new happy place. It is very easy if you look closely do they live up to what they say and is the quality of their products as good as they claim.  

What Is Frdomee.com

It is apparel and online fashion store that provides designer fashion wear. They believe in providing the best to their customers. Their products are designed with the most fashionable element. Frdomee.com is a United States-based business that is passionate about creating superior handmade products. 

A team of designers is associated with them that help them stay ahead in the game and terms of technology. This team strives to challenge and make things possible in your life to give you a proper standard of living as well as comfort in your life. All the products are heavily tested to ensure quality so that we can provide you with guaranteed satisfaction. 

Who’s This For? 

To all the fashion enthusiasts who want to be a step ahead of their time, be it at work or home, this is the right place for you. As the products are hand-made to provide a superior experience, it is our basic requirement that our customers are happy and a hundred percent satisfied 

In this post about Frdomee.com reviews, we will say that they offer products in various categories that help you get what you want. There is a separate category that provides products that are under discounted rates or offer the best price. The major categories are: 


  • Products are designed and customized by designers 
  • A different segment is mentioned for products under-sale or best price
  • Products are tested before selling so that the quality is not compromised 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 


  • Customer needs to pay return shipping charges 
  • Refund only on faulty items 
  • No return accepted if you change your mind after buying the product

Features of Frdomee.com

Frdomee.com is a USA-based business hence all the products are heavily tested to ensure the quality of the products. It is an e-commerce website that believes in providing latest and trending products with a 100% customer satisfaction like every other website there are various policies for this website as well. They strive to deliver the best product at a good price.

Exchange \Refund

When it comes to exchanging in returns, there are a few things that every company expects from their customers. Products should be in their original condition at the time of return. The products can be returned within thirty days of purchase.

What about Faulty items? There is no need to worry about it; you can mail or contact their customer care for your concern. In terms of mail, it is required to attach a photograph of the fault so that it can be accessed, and your return can be made. A return will not be accepted if the products are returned due to change of mind or if it is not suitable for you.

The refund will be made only on faulty items. Customers are responsible for the return shipping charges. 


When a business is shipping all across the world, the business must keep track of the logistics. There are numerous orders placed at a point of time, and the major task is to deliver these products on time. The shipping process takes three to seven days or maybe up to two weeks, depending on the order. International standard shipping takes approximately two to six weeks as there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of when shipping overseas. 


As a conclusion to this post, we can say that it provides a vast amount of products with a zest of quality. Though there are a few drawbacks that may be a bothering factor, on the contrary, they provide unique products. 

Now, it is your turn… with all the information, you can decide about placing an order!

0 thoughts on “Frdomee.com Reviews [May] – Should You Buy From It?

  1. I placed an order for shoes on 4/3/02, and the auto fill address that came up was my ex boyfriend. We broke up in October 2018. That is extremely strange as I have never ordered before and my name is NOT associated with his address. We only dated 3 months. Why did this happen? I’m very disturbed by this!!

    1. Don’t buy the shoes. You can’t return and they don’t look like the picture. Reviews are false. I an confident that when they reply to you on an email it is a “copy paste” statement. Because it is the same BS when I ask them to return the shoes. HORRIBLE company. This is what they said in one of the many emails:
      Yoyo Luo
      2020-05-15 09:59

      As the return shipping charge is high and need a very long time till we received. We sincerely suggest if you will consider again to keep the item. As I see, the style you bought is really popular and cost-effective, maybe you can give it to a suitable friend/family as gift or transfer it to colleagues/neighbors. Which would be perfect. Meanwhile, we would like to make up 5USD gift card for you in this case for our sorry. So you can buy some other items you like and suitable. How do you think that?

      My reply is: They are not good enough to give to anyone and I want a refund and to return just like the add states that I can do. But they will not let you. They will also offer a credit of $5.00 and I spent 37.97. OMFG!!!!

      1. I found them as an ad on Instagram – absolutely appalling quality items. What arrives is not you think will be arriving and when I tried to return the items an absolute nightmare. Stay well clear

    2. Do NOT buy anything from this company! I bought a pair of shoes from this company and the buckle on the shoe was stuck in the upward position and wouldn’t zip down. In addition, they looked NOTHING like the picture advertised. They are cheap knock offs.

      I have been trying for THREE WEEKS to get a refund on these shoes because they are defective but all they have done is give me the run around. I have sent them pictures of the shoes, the sku #, the tracking # and the label on the package TWICE only for them to tell me they were fine when they left the factory and I should give them as a gift. They were defective when I received them and they continue to give me the run around hoping I will get tired and give up.

      Your description of this company is completely wrong. They are based out of China and sell cheap, defective knock offs. They are complete scammers who will steal your money and you will never be able to get it back.

    1. I’ve read all I’ve needed to read on here about this company. I can’t believe Facebook advertises companies like this on their page. And i too also ordered shoes for.myself and my daughter from here
      I have even looked up the company before i ordered. This is ridiculous and i will be contacting my bank for fraudulent charges.

      1. I already contacted PayPal they’re giving me a refund this is a bad company and they’re based in China that’s where all this crap comes from they lie they are so cheap I got them this like something you’d pay $5 for in a dollar store

      2. Ordered on the 4th of April, it’s now the end of April and the tracking number in the email sent to me though. This is a scam and a rip-off and I’m reporting him to the BBB as well as blasting them everywhere I can on the internet! No response to my emails at all!

    2. I ordered from this company on March 25th and it’s May 5th and I still hadn’t got my shoes. I had to e-mail them looking for my shoes and they told me that they didn’t have my order from PayPal. I then had to send them a copy of my e-mail payment receipt from PayPal. Then when they e-mail me back they told me that a lot of people are ordering these shoes and that they’re out of stock. So I advise y’all not to order from this company. Scam follow up with PayPal after 130 days.

  2. As soon as i ordered the site went down and there was an error when looking for my order. The payment cleared for my order. Now i am getting auto responses when i email them saying they are out of the office. This seems very sketchy and i am thinking about reporting this business as a scam.

    1. Already contacted PayPal got refund it took three weeks to get them here they are not an American company it came from China they lie on the website I’m contacting the consumer people also

  3. I placed an order on 3/29/2020 your website said 24 hours delivery it is now 4/6/2020 when will I be getting my shoes I need them for work?

    1. I placed my order April 9th 2020 . I still can’t get any tracking on my order. How can a company claim they are 100% USA if its coming from China? I paid by Paypal so I guess I’ll pursue this matter with them. So upsetting

  4. I ordered shoes over two weeks ago and haven’t received them. i attempted tp contact this company and there is no contact info. I smell a rat. Where is my order?

    1. Ads to buy shoes said delivery within 24 hours I’ve been waiting 7 days they say they’re an American based company I don’t believe it

    2. They are very cheap there’s no support in the back nothing it was all lies and they are from China they lied on the website and everything I’m contacting the consumer protection agency and I’ve also gotten a refund from PayPal


  5. I ordered April 4th got a confirmation email saying my order was sent. My bank account has already been charged they are now saying they can’t find anywhere I ordered. I’ve sent them the confirmation number 3 times and a screenshot of my receipt with all the information on it. Don’t know where to go from here.

    1. you should contact your bank and say it was a fraudulent charge. they will refund your money instantly. but i am only recommending this action because you was told they have no record of you even placed an order with them.

    2. Contact whoever if you went through your bank or PayPal and get a refund they’re not worth anything they’re like something you get for $5 in a dollar store they’re also from China they lied and said this an American company

  6. You seem to be either a front for the company themselves or a paid influencer. I have heard nothing but bad things about this company under its many names.

  7. I ordered shoes on 4/2/20. My payment was taken out of my bank account immediately and I received an email showing my order and that it was “Awaiting Shipment”. I have heard nothing else since then and have written twice. A reputable company would have a customer service department that would respond within 24 hours at least.

    1. They lied it is not an American company if they come from China and of the cheapest things you’ve ever seen I finally got them I call PayPal and got a refund there are bunch of frauds

    2. I agree with you Barbara, Where is my shoes. I ordered my shoes on May 7th still no shoes and the tracking number is fake as well, if they are in the United States, than why does ; when you try to use the bogus tracking number, it shows you arrival and departure dates of China and Japan. My question is has anyone else reported them to the Better Business Bureau. So they can take down the advertisement for these shoes that do not exist. neither does the company.

  8. Ordered shoes on the 26 of March still haven’t gotten them or even a tracking number…I smell FRAUD!!!!

  9. Fraudulent rip off artists springs to mind! Seems this company are up there with the worst. I placed an order over two weeks ago. Money taken from my bank, but you guessed it. No delivery! I am sick of these fraudulent tossers!
    Will be contacting the fraud line and reporting them. Also my bank for refund. Seems not going to get it from these. As soon as I e mailed them with my concerns, they proceed to ignore all correspondence! Absolutely appalling! Do not use this website!

  10. I ordered shoes on 4/9/20 and the website shows that they deliver within 24 hrs. I still don’t have the shoes and I sent an email with no response. I don’t like this and if I don’t get a response, I will report it to my bank so they can get my money back.

    1. Get your refund they are cheap like you get for $5 in a dollar store there’s no support whatsoever I got them finally after 3 weeks I called and got a refund from PayPal they are from China they lied on the website they’re not an American company

  11. Ordered shoes from a FB ad on Mar 30th. I have contacted them several times thru their customer service email, and thru the email on their PayPal acct. Told them I wanted to cancel the order because I was getting only generic replies and no shipping info. I didn’t know when I ordered that this was from China.

    4/13 received a reply with a link to 17track.net with a tracking number, but 17track.net wants you to accept Terms before giving any tracking info. I’ve never had that with tracking before. I Googled that tracking service and there are warnings that China companies use that and give fake tracking.

    I tried several times to report this as suspected fraud through PayPal but that keeps erroring out. Not feeling good about this. Embarrassed, but I didn’t know sketchy companies could advertise on FB. Will keep trying to cancel thru PayPal, then I guess I’ll go thru my credit card company.

    1. CU I paid through PayPal as well. Tried to settle with company but no luck as far as a tracking info “its on the way to USPS.” Escalated it with PayPal I hope they refund me and don’t do what you said they did ti you

    2. Have to contact PayPal on their helpline on the internet that’s how you get to them this is a Chinese company that are liars and cheats and their those shoes are cheap I got my refund already

  12. I smell fraud! I order canvas sneakers and the money was taken out of my account immediately. I was told my order shipped on 4/9, and today is 4/14. No sign off the sneakers. Perhaps a call to the NYS Attorney Generals office is warranted? Where are my shoes?

  13. This is truly a scam! Never received my order, now I have no tracking, I have sent several messages, no response, I now disputed this with my bank, as there fraud dept is looking into this!

    Angry Customer 😡

  14. I placed and paid for my order on 3/30/20 . I have “not” received my order. I tried to reach out to the support team, but was unable.

  15. Ordered 3 pairs of these shoes on March 27. To date, I do not have any shoes and it is 4.20.20. I have contacted the company several times. Sometimes I get an answer. They tell me “not to worry”, other times I get no response. I should have done my due diligence to check out the reviews on this company first. Would have saved myself a lot of trouble! I’m calling my bank!

  16. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes on March 27th 2020 and the date is now April 20th 2020 and still havent received them. I have Email them lots of time got a couple of responses back one was saying they were out of the office for Easter vacation. And one was saying they are packed and ready just waiting to be shipped. But the tricking information they sent with my order does not work. So where are my shoes?

  17. I ordered shoes on April 3, 2020. Money taken from bank account almost immediately. No shoes yet. I’ve emailed support several times, and have gotten no response. I’ll be reporting fraud to my bank. Can no longer find them on Instagram. I should’ve KNOWN better before ordering-the site said “Dlievery” in 24 hrs. Seriously pissed off.

      I placed an order for shoes on 3/27/20 and still have not received. I have been noncontact with them several times via email and last time in May when they gave me shipping information which is not showing anything.
      I will not report them where ever I can and contact my bank and report as a fraudulent transaction.
      Oh, and this company is NOT based in USA. They are out of China.

      1. We are sorry for inconvenience if you are not getting your order than go though the official website for better information about your placed order….. thanks for being in touch … @@@

  18. I ordered March 29th
    I was told on April 13 that mine were packed and in line to be shipped . They are going to give me priority shipping . Still not received .
    I sent another email over the weekend I said I wanted a refund if they aren’t on there way to me no response yet

  19. I ordered my shoes back in March 2020. You guessed it no shoes, no refund, no contact. So not happy. I too will be reporting them to the BBB.

  20. Do not order from this company!! I ordered Kobe Bryant hoodies and recieved fortnite and moustache hoodies instead. They did not give me a refund or exchange items ANDkept my money

  21. I also order shoes from this company two weeks ago and I haven’t received my shoes or a tracking number. I will be contacting my bank tomorrow. I will also be posting this company on facebook so all of my contacts will know they are a fraud. They will get what they deserve form stealing from innocent people.

  22. I ordered March 26th, Never heard anything, Sent several emails… received response the same as others, packed waiting to be shipped…. I sent another email demanding a tracking number or I would retracted payment. I received a tracking # the next day, that was 4 days ago.. Said it’s coming from China.. Surprise. If I dont see any movement I will be calling bank.

  23. The shoes I received look nothing like the picture. Plus took over 30 days to get my order. They re going in the donate pile. Will never order again. Good thing it was a small $ amount.

  24. I placed a order for 2 pairs of shoes March 2020, order was confirmed, yet have not received them, when I checked on the order it said Mark as received, I’ve never received them and they can’t find my order by the order number or email. They did deduct the money from my bank though!

  25. I bought a pair of designer canvas shoes. After a couple weeks, they arrived in a plastic bag. These shoes would be comical if I hadn’t paid a decent price for them.
    I wish I could include a picture of them. The fabric is so thin, it could be used for a sun dress. There is absolutely no arch support. The sole looks like the shoes from my daughter’s Barbie doll.

    When I sent an email to Frdomee, I never received any response whatsoever. Do not buy anything from this company. It’s cheap, foreign junk and American retail prices……with absolutely no customer support.

  26. My daughter and I order the same shoes but in different colors. My daughter received hers, nothing like the pics and cheaply made. Never received mine but took my money!

  27. Turning this rip off company in to the appropriate authorities and calling my bank tomorrow morning!!! I’m so sick of SOB’s trying to rip off people! I thought it was an American company, instead they are based in China!!! What a crock of crap!!!

  28. I already posted on 4.20.20 that I had not received any shoes, however, posting today that they did finally tell me they were shipped and gave me a tracking number. I did, in fact, receive the shoes 5.4.20. A month and a week later. The reason it takes so long is because they are coming from China, but company doesn’t advertise that detail. Ordered 3 pairs. 1 is too painful to wear. 1 is the wrong color. 3rd pair is the right color and wearable. Don’t think I’ll ever order shoes online again.

  29. I ordered on the 9th of April and still haven’t received my order yet. I contacted Paypal and have to wait until the 19th of May in order for them to do anything about it they say. So still waiting on my shoes or paypal. I received a tracking number from them but when you hit it it goes nowhere and tells you nothing. This is sad.

  30. Made an order May 4 2020 & paid for 2 day shipping. Never received anything & no updates or responses smh I’m so pissed

  31. May I simply just say what a comfort to uncover someone that genuinely understands what they are talking about over the internet. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people must look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you most certainly have the gift.


  33. COMPANY FALSELY ADVERTISES!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM. I purchased some shoes from them, two months go by and nothing had shown up. After contacting them and going round and round with them sending photos and proof of my emails where they confirmed the purchase, sent me a shipping email, and so forth they claim I had no order in their system. They finally found it “how convenient”! Sent me some shoes in a plastic bag, no box!!!! I refused the package and have filed complaints with two government agencies. They still will not give me my money back!

  34. Purchase shoes that have never arrived. Money gone and no answers to request. Bought June 13,2020 be aware. Not a good company.

  35. I ordered 4 pair of sandals July 07, 2020 haven’t received anything yet😡 Its ashame fake companies are cheating honest ppl. I will call the Inspector General in Michigan about this fraudulent company tomorrow 08/05/2020.

  36. I ordered 4 pair of sandals July 07, 2020 haven’t received anything yet😡 Its ashame fake companies are cheating honest ppl. I will call the Inspector General in Michigan about this fraudulent company tomorrow 08/05/2020. My order # QLS34059. Also I will inform my credit card company

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