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Freedom 250 Phone Scam (Aug) Decoding The Truth Here!

The guide shares details about the Freedom 250 Phone Scam that duped many Indians back in 2017. 

In the last quarter of 2016, a Noida-based company, Ringing Bell, started making news for designing the first-ever Smartphone at the cost of phone battery. As the news started circulating, people across India visited the website to book their Freedom 251 Smartphone. As a result, the website got crashed due to a huge influx of traffic. 

The company started advertising in local newspapers to collect revenue to support the plan. Later, it was found that the owner Mohit Goyal defrauded the residents through this Freedom 250 Phone Scam, through which the searchability is also happening.  

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What is Freedom 251 Scam?

Freedom 251 is the Smartphone scam by a Noida-based company that defrauded five Cr residents in India and duped around 1500 Cr INR. Ringing Bell is the company that promised to offer smartphones at a mere price of 251 five years ago. 

As the news and advertisements started catching the attention, people visited the official website to book their Smartphone for 251 INR. The launch ceremony was attended by many personalities.

Unfortunately, the website crashed when the booking started. With Freedom 251 Mobile Scam, the CEO duped around 1500 Cr Rupee and defrauded the innocent five Cr residents. The scam news got immediate attention, and people started searching for more with the searchable term Freedom 250 Scam instead of Freedom 251 Scam. 

What Error Customers Received When Booking Freedom 251 Phone?

Freedom 251 Mobile is available for booking at the official website of Ringing Bell. Buyers have to visit the website and book their phone. But, many people alleged that payment is deducted from their account at the time of booking, and the system generates no receipt. 

Many complaints were registered at National Consumer Forum, mentioning that Ringing Bell Company is a scam. 

The Truth of Freedom 250 Phone Scam

Considering all the facts and reports, Freedom 251 Phone is a scam. Many consumers have reported that despite the amount deduction from the account, they have not received any receipt, and they reported that the company seems to be a scam.

The CEO of the company, Mohit Goyal, was later arrested in the Greater Noida area, and he was accused of conducting the scam of selling the Smartphone and duping 1500 Cr. INR. After the Freedom 251 Mobile Scam, Mohit Goyal is also alleged for a dry fruit scam of over 200 Cr. He is now in police custody after duping 41 Lakh from a resident of Indirapuram.     

Is the Money Refunded?

After the increasing ruckus amongst the customers, the Ringing Bell company was asked to refund the amount to the customers who pre-booked the 251 smartphones. 

An FIR was lodged against Mohit Goel and Ashok Chadha at the police station in Phase-III Noida under IT Act and Fraud. They approached High Court for bail and avoid the arrest against the Freedom 250 Phone Scam.

However, High Court ordered to confiscate the passports of the directors, including Mohit Goyal. 

Closing Thoughts

Ringing Bell gave hope to main Indians by claiming to offer them the first-ever affordable Smartphone at a mere 251 Rupee. The company started collecting funds to support its plan. But, the intention of the CEO, Mohit Goel, was not good. Later, it was found that the CEO duped many Indians and fled away with more than 1500 Cr Rupee.  Read the complete information about the scam here.

Luckily, he was arrested later for the Freedom 250 Phone Scam, and the company was asked to refund the money to the customers who pre-booked the phone. So, you must always check the authenticity of such offers and equip yourself with tips to stay protected from online scams.     

Have you booked your Freedom 251 Phone? Did you get the refund? Please share it in the comments box.

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