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Funterm Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Funterm Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One -> Read this review if you want to purchase co-ord sets from an online site. 

Obsessing over the crop top and matching skirt sets for the summer? Then you will find interesting pieces on Funterm.

The matching set look is something that has gained quite the popularity and rightfully so. This is because you do not have to think twice about what would go best with the pants or crop top. 

They provide ease, and this Funterm Reviews will be telling you about a trendy new clothing site selling a variety of these co-ord sets. The site has been raking in good business from the United States currently. 

However, it has also landed itself in hot soup because of its recent establishment date. It makes a lot wonder Is Funterm LegitThis review will help you find out if that is true or not and tell you all that it is offering its customers. 

What is Funterm?

Funterm is an online women’s clothing website that offers a range of tops, dresses, swimwear, rompers, co-ord sets, bottoms, and even accessories. It offers like the name suggests fun designs to choose.

The clothing is trendy, and you will undoubtedly find something that would appeal to you. There are solid colors like emerald green and black to more summery floral and paisley print apparel available. But there is nothing available about the website’s makers as there is the absence of an about us page.

Although the site offers clear contact information, it only provides one medium to pay for the purchases. This may make a lot of customers averse from shopping on the site. Don’t you think? 

What is unique about Funterm?

The site offers a modest variety of trendy clothing for women to choose. Summers are all about quirky prints and colors that could brighten the dull days. They offer something for every occasion, even for the girls who love taking the casual route with their clothing. 

The site will surely bring out the inner fashionista in you and help you put your most fashionable foot forward. All of these items are decently priced, and that has to be one of the best parts about Funterm! 

All these factors make it increasingly unique even though it was established only a month ago. 

Specifications of Funterm

  • Products- women’s fashion apparel and accessories 
  • Website- https://www.funterm.com/
  • Email- support@funterm.com
  • Phone number- (828) 390-8888
  • Shipping/processing time- next business day 
  • Delivery time- 5-8 business days 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99
  • Return- free prepaid return mailing label provided 
  • Exchange- contact customer care or exchange online on site 
  • Refunds- takes roughly 1-2 business days to process 
  • Payment- can only be done online via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Funterm

  • The online site provides full contact information 
  • They mention that they are based out of the United States 
  • You can make free returns with ease 
  • The shipping details provide clarity 

Cons of purchasing from Funterm

  • The online retailer does not provide an about us section 
  • You are allowed to make only online payments 
  • It generates a deficient traffic volume 
  • The social media icons are fake 

Is Funterm Legit? 

Sites that are set up less than six months ago are considered to be scam sites. They rarely manage to exist past the 6-month mark, and hence you must be really careful. The Funterm seems to be safe on the surface. 

But there is only 1 image of each garment provided, that leaves a customer with no information about its fit. There is a description provided, but images are usually better. All in all, the site looks legit, but that may not be the case. 

Customer reviews of Funterm 

There are no customer reviews available on the site; this could be because Funterm was created only a month ago. There are also no online reviews of the site available. 

The website also lacks social media pages, so there is no way of knowing if purchasing from the site would be safe. There are contact details provided, but from prior experiences, we know that they are rarely legit. The address, too, could be a fake. 

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, the site seems somewhat safe as it provides full contact details as well as an address. But we know that often sites provide residential addresses that turn out to be fakes! 

The site is new, so there are no customer reviews available about any of the products. Hence, we currently do not recommend making any purchases from this site. 

0 thoughts on “Funterm Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One

    1. I agree. They advertise the payments go through paypal. I made a purchase yesterday through them not knowing they are a fraudulent company. I just contacted paypal and they stated the transaction didn’t go through them. But it did go through my bank. I have tried to call the number they have listed on their website and it is always ringing busy. I guess I am out $99.98. PayPal or my bank can’t do anything about since it was a debit card payment. Watch out because a debit card payment is all funt erm.com takes.

  1. Stay away from this website! It is a scam, I ordered a “desk” and was charged out for it right away for it and according to the Paypal contact the order was “delivered”. Gladly, the transaction went through Paypal and I was able to file a complaint and we are in the process of cracking this fraudulent website down.

  2. SCAM, don’t order. Tried to purchase a fountain and never received confirmation or shipping info. They would not respond and paypal customer service is useless. I disputed with my bank and the money was returned.

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