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Funvige Reviews (Jan) Find Out Legit Or Scam

Funvige Reviews (Jan) Find Out Legit Or Scam -> Check out the authenticity of the website, offering discounts on men’s fashionable wear.

Everybody desires to look impeccable in this fashion world. People try to follow the trend to leave a mark on their personalities wherever they go. That’s why brands of clothes, footwear, cosmetics, etc., are made for people to fulfill their urge. 

Funvige.com is one of the online shopping websites dealing with the apparel of men. If you are also looking for Funvige Reviews, you are at the right place. People from the United States feel the website is fantastic and wish to know its authenticity.Let us get to know more about this website.

What is Funvige.com?

Funvige.com is an online shopping store which deals with a great variety of clothing. This site mainly focuses on men’s fashion wear. It offers various exciting types of hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, pants, and vests.The site also provides a massive discount of up to 60%. Other amazing discount offers are also available on the site creating excitement to shop. Products are made by machinery and of high-quality.But there is one question Is Funvige Legit or not which is getting raised by people. The business of this site covers more than 220 countries and regions, especially the United States.They are rapidly bringing the latest fashion trends in the market and offering refined quality products at captivating prices for every user.


  • URL of this website: https://www.funvige.com/
  • Products displayed: clothes for men only
  • Discount: up to 60% off
  • Email: service@funvige.com
  • Contact number: not available
  • Payment method: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, debit card, credit card
  • Shipment charges: free shipment for orders above $89
  • Delivery: within 5-7 working days (can be delayed due to COVID-19)
  • Social media: Facebook
  • Funvige Reviews: No
  • Return and refund: within 30 days
  • Cancellation: within 24 hours of purchase


  • Wide variety of products
  • Christmas sale is going under a huge discount
  • exceptional discount offers are available
  • Accessible payment methods
  • High standard quality products
  • an option of the editing shipping address.


  • no physical address and customer service contact number available.
  • The site is only 104 days old.
  • no social media availability
  • lacking customer’s reviews
  • signs of suspiciousness of this website

Is funvige.com legitimate?

To check the legitimacy of the website, let’s get to know its domain age. The site was established on 21-09-2020, making it merely 104 days old. To answer the question Is Funvige Legit, read more details about it. Without any doubt, funvige.com renders amazing offers for shopping for men’s apparel. But there are a few things which cannot be ignored. For instance, the site is lagging in its customer’s feedback. No reviews can be observed anywhere about the site or any product.Moreover, the site does not have any social media presence except Facebook, where few followers can be seen below 1k. Very negligible following of any site can put it into scamming verdict. The information mentioned about the funvige.com site is not satisfactory. Customers need to know more about the brand or site and check Funvige Reviews whether to buy products from this online store or not.All the information mentioned above is raising the question of its legitimacy.

What are people saying about Funvige.com?

Any website is known more by its customers and their feedbacks. The generosity of any site can be seen with its plethora of followers and their happy shopping experience. Unfortunately, this site is lagging in both aspects.   

The site offers us amazing clothes, but few say it deals with China’s brands, making it more difficult to trust this website. It tries to attract customers with huge discount offers. It would not be wise to spend money on this doubtful site as many necessary things are not mentioned.

Final verdict about Funvige Reviews:

Funvige.com is a site that can attract many customers all over the world with its exciting discount offers. It has played well with the people’s minds by discount or sale tactics as people can easily get attracted to it. But it is in our hands not to make them fool out of us and do proper research before spending money on these suspicious websites.

This site is missing appropriate information regarding its location, physical address, contact details, mainly social media availability. Less than 1k people are following it without commenting much about the products. The site has vast chances of being a scam after all the analyses mentioned above.So, we would suggest you do thorough research on your own before getting trapped.Kindly share your opinion on Funvige Reviews.

4 thoughts on “Funvige Reviews (Jan) Find Out Legit Or Scam

  1. I have ordered from this company, and I can tell you the price of the item vs. what you actually get is utterly shocking, the quality is soooooo bad. thin and cheap, not like advertised. Oh, and what turned up isn’t what I ordered but a plain version. I wouldn’t even donate it.

    I have emailed them asking for a refund and also messaged the shop messaging inbox but I highly doubt I will hear anything back. So I am going to my bank to track the funds and then make sure that they highlight them as a fraudulent retailer. Being Chinese, it will mean nothing to them but anyone who’s buying off this site should think again. £90 later and I am pissed off!

    Happy to email pictures of what turned up if required.

  2. Don’t take from this website it’s a totally scam, I ordered 2 t-shirt and arrived just one and it’s horrible it’s not like the website said to me .
    For the other I contacted the assistant but no-one else answered me.
    Totally scam, DON’T BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE !!!

    1. Hi Francesco, Thank you for your honest words. Yes, we are in the same boat and raising alrm for buyers not to get scammed by them. Thank you

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